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Whizcomms review

Whizcomms review: What WhizComms offers: fiber broadband services at affordable rates. The highlights are affordable standard plans with a fast online registration process. Observe extra broadband network construction costs. Although WhizComms has been within the Singapore broadband marketplace for almost 4 years, it’s still considered the new kid on the block relative to the island’s traditional telcos.

Whizcomms review
Whizcomms review

Read on to seek out if WhizComms Broadband is true for you

Types of plans offered by WhizComms Singapore. WhizComms plans are available in 3 varieties: No Frills, Wireless Router, and Mesh-Wifi Solution. Both the No Frills and Wireless Router plans to accompany 12-month and 24-month options, while the Mesh-Wifi Solution plan only offers 24-month contracts.

WhizComms No Frills Plan

No frills plans of WhizComms are really up to your name. Through your own router, you can connect broadband fibers at $38 a month under a contract of 12 months, or at $34 a month under a contract of 24 months. If you want an awkward, simple broadband fiber scheme, the WhizComms broadband plan offers one of the foremost competitive prices out of all of Singapore’s providers.

WhizComms Wireless Router Plans

On top of offering the essential services that accompany the WhizComms No Frills Plans, these packages accompany a TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 wireless dual-band gigabit router. this provides you access to high-speed internet surfing, which could enhance your wireless experience. The 12-month contract is priced at $47/month, while the 24-month contract is priced at $39/month.

Whizcomms review
Whizcomms review

WhizComms Mesh Wi-Fi Solution Plan

It offers the advantages of standard-tier plans for WhizComm but is also equipped with a pair of Wi-Fi Routers for the Deco M5 TP-Link. This suggests fewer online lags, better streaming quality, and thus wireless reception of ‘dead zones.’

How does broadband fiber function?

Fiber broadband delivers high-speed communication through a network of fiber optic cables. With fiber broadband, you’ll experience a seamless online experience while having more devices logged onto an equivalent network. you’ll also reduce the matter of getting wifi dead zones reception.

Before considering a WhizComms Singapore broadband plan, check if your home could also be reached by fiber broadband by checking Netlink’s website. If your home features a termination point and fiber port, you’ll avoid additional installation costs.

Product highlights

Monthly subscription deals. Enjoy 5.4% off with monthly subscriptions.
Waived activation fees. Enjoy free WhizComms activation, originally worth $53.50.
Free weekday delivery and installation. one of the most important costs related to fiber broadband is usually installation fees.

Whizcomms review
Whizcomms review

WhizComm helps you save a few hundred dollars by offering free installations.
Waived audit fees. Enjoy a free onsite wifi audit service, usually priced at $35.
Special promotions and add-ons

WhizComms x Singtel. Enjoy a $10 fiber broadband bill rebate once you check in for Singtel Power-Geneco. Speedboost. Enjoy a free speed boost from a 300Mbps to a 500Mbps broadband plan.
What to require note of before signing up with WhizComms

With effect from 1st January 2018, NetLink Trust(NLT) has imposed a service activation fee of $56.71 inclusive of GST for every residential end-user connection. there’s also a Service Activation Fee of $53.50 inclusive of GST for all WhizComms’ Fibre Broadband Plans, also as delivery and installation fees, unless otherwise stated during promotions.


Why is WhizComms ready to offer Home Fibre Broadband service at such low rates? WhizComms operates without physical stores on a digital platform. This saves both marketing and staffing costs, which means customer savings. WhizComms also clearly separates its plans to provide its subscribers with no-frills solutions so that well-known wireless routers and other accessories can be obtained.

Whizcomms review
Whizcomms review

What is WhizComms’ Home Fibre Broadband available speed offering? WhizComms currently has 300Mbps and 1Gbps speed offerings. How am I able to register for WhizComms’ Fibre Broadband Service? Interested subscribers may register online at WhizComm’s website. A welcome email is going to be sent upon successful registration. Use the login details from the welcome email to subscribe to your required broadband plan.