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Thinking Meme

Thinking Meme; The Thinking Meme is a Face Emoji that is circular in shape with a raised eyebrow, the mouth of the emoji is downwards and a single hand appears to scratch its chin, this expression is commonly used to express deep thought or to express misunderstanding. Scientists say that people, who think too much about their decisions, have more cells in a particular part of their brain. We are all human and therefore the concerns of the future and the grief of the past often rage us. In such cases, it is often recited that ” I do not get anything just by think but laugh happily and these Thinking Memes are also themed to spread some joys and happiness out of serious moments.

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Thinking meme adopted from

Thinking meme generator:

As the INTERNET is flooded with thinking memes everyone wished to link and associate their life events with this meme.  Google has made our life very simple; everything is just a click far from us. So if you are interested to generate your own Thinking Meme then a number of meme generator sites will solve your problem.  You can even also design many creative works including posters, banners, advertisements, and other custom graphics.

Imgflip Thinking Meme Generator:

It’s a free online image maker that allows you to add custom resizable text to images. The Meme Generator is a flexible tool for many purposes. Click to get your Thinking Meme.

Instameme: Meme Generator App:

A definitive immediate meme generator/creator/editor app with over 5000 meme templates, stickers, emoticons/emoji & rage faces. It’s perfect for quick, easy photo editing and creating powerful memes. Click to download on your phone.

Thinking meme face:

Thinking Meme face is a face publicized with a single finger on the chin and raised eyebrow, looking upward or it is also referred to actor Kayode Ewumi from a web series hood documentary. One of the still from the series got viral and was used to make thinking memes. It is worldwide used to direct thoughtfully, or deeply lost. A thought-balloon or a light bulb can be paired with this meme face that will specify an idea or to express some question.

Actor Kayode Ewumi still from a web series Hood Documentary which got viral
Thinking meme face
Thinking meme face

Roll Safe Meme:

You must have seen a black guy with his finger on his forehead and some text on an image whenever you searched for thinking meme on Google. You may have used many of his images linked with your life without knowing about him. Roll Safe is a screenshot of actor Kayode Ewumi grinning and pointing to his sanctuary while depicting the character Reece Simpson (a.k.a. “Roll Safe”) in the web series Hood Documentary. A mini-documentary was uploaded on the BBC Three YouTube channel on June 1st, 2016; it was based on the Hood Documentary series, in which the Ewumi the actor is shown aiming to his head and smiling. Within eight months, this video become viral and earned above 1.04 million views and 1,300 comments.

Well, you must have seen plenty of memes, these Thinking Memes will surely refresh you and give you a fresh thought about life. The image is often captioned with various jokes mocking poor decision-making and failures in critical thinking.

This black man who looks like he’s thinking has been the subject of a lot of funny memes. We are here to show you all of the best black guy pondering memes that we can find. Besides the popular black guy thinking meme, there are also unique black guy thinking memes that are not like the general black guy thinking meme. In order to make memes, people pay attention to the facial expressions of black men. Consider looking at all of our Black Guy Thinking memes.

Think Memes are used for what?

Using thought memes, people can talk about a wide range of different mental thought processes and emotions. In this case, logical reasoning, philosophizing, problem-solving, and sharing your own thoughts and ideas could all be part of the discussion. Most people think memes exaggerate a situation and the cognitive process or reaction that goes with it in order to make them funny.

Think of these as examples of memes:

As an example, think about the following:
This picture shows a Disney character, Pocahontas, with her hair blowing in the wind next to a girl who has her hair flying all over her face, as shown in the picture below.
There is a big difference between how I think I look when my hair is blowing in the wind and how I really look.
interpretation: People always look great in movies, but life is a lot less fun than in movies.

The picture shows a newborn with one eyebrow raised and a look of doubt and uncertainty on her face.
It says, “Do you mean to say that I’m the baby in the mirror? Is that you?”
Basically, this means that babies have to learn everything from the very start. However, smart kids may not be so willing to believe everything their parents say.

3: This picture shows a velociraptor dinosaur with its finger raised to its chin as if it was deep in thought.

It was a good fit if Cinderella’s shoe fell off in the first place. The text is read.
This means: There seem to be a lot of questions in life that logic can’t answer.

There are some nice thought memes out there for you. If you want some light entertainment and maybe even some brain-teasing, check out the list below.

As soon as she gets a little ticked off, her main ideas start to fall apart: people don’t die of cancer because they don’t think enough positive thoughts to fight off the disease. In the end, it was Byrne who had the last laugh: The Secret has sold more than 30 million copies around the world since it was first published.

What makes The Secret and other books like it so popular is that they offer simple solutions to common problems. They encourage positive thinking and self-improvement, and they make it easy for people to get what they want. They paint a picture of the world that is very appealing. They say that the only thing that stands in the way of us achieving our dreams is to focus very hard on them as if pretending that we are already beautiful, successful, and deliriously happy humans will make it happen.

So, more than a decade after The Secret came out, a new generation is learning about the main idea of the book on social media. Teenagers on TikTok tell stories about how “scripting,” or writing out a wish, led to a crush texting them back after a long time. On YouTube, vloggers teach people how to make their dreams come true in the most effective way possible. Instagram: Someone will write that you’ll soon have $20,000, and all you have to do is say “Yes.” People who love Lorde are going to try to make a new Lorde album happen by using the social media site Twitter.