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Lg sj3 soundbar review

Lg sj3 soundbar review: The LG SJ3 soundbar is extremely affordable, and with a wireless subwoofer and high-resolution audio it certainly seems like a bargain. But it won’t be good value unless it actually sounds good, so we sent this sound bar to our test lab to get whether it should get on your list. Read on for our expert review.

Lg sj3 soundbar review
Lg sj3 soundbar review

About this product

Crank up the quantity for the complete effect with the LG SJ3 Bluetooth Sound Bar with Wireless Sub. Whether you would like to belt a tune from your favorite musical, happen the soundtrack on a show, or simply just like the volume loud, this cool little bit of kit will help accelerate your TV experience. For amazing bass and convivial setup, wireless subwoofer.

Adaptive Sound Control adapts to what you watch, for the simplest experience

Model number: SJ3. DGBRLLK.
Sound technology

300 watts.
Audio processing

Dolby sound technology.
DTS technology.
2.1 channels within the system.

Lg sj3 soundbar review
Lg sj3 soundbar review

Optical audio port included (cable not included).
HDMI port(s) not included.
1 USB port.
3.5mm line incompatible.
Bluetooth enabled.
Not WiFi-compatible.
Setup and features

Power consumption: 27W.
Standby power consumption: 1W.
Auto power off.

Peak power output: 300 watts.
Speaker bar RMS output: 100 watts.
Subwoofer RMS output: 200 watts.


Size of speaker bar H4.7, W95, D7.1cm.
Weight of speaker bar 2.47kg.
Size of subwoofer H32, W17.1, D25.2cm.

Weight of subwoofer 4.2kg.
System size H7.1, W95, D4.7cm.
Weight of system2.47kg.
General information

Included remote control-2 x AAA (included) battery required.
Manufacturer’s 1-year guarantee.
EAN: 8806084061324.

Lg sj3 soundbar review
Lg sj3 soundbar review

Well valued quality sound bar. The subwoofer gives a great bass and is so neat to be wireless to the soundbar. Only 3 cables are needed, two of which are power and the third optical to the TV, surprisingly not supplied, but you can buy them cheaply. Would definitely recommend it, as good as other top brands do. Looks terrific with my matching LG TV

Used to have a surround system, but got annoyed with cables and speakers all around the room. The sub is connected via wireless and at a price (purchased 18 months ago) I am extremely pleased. Works as well as the surround sound system did without the mess and is thought to be loud enough to annoy my neighbors.

Lg sj3 soundbar review
Lg sj3 soundbar review

It also has Bluetooth so you can play music from my phone through it. Will be out of date by now, so any left should be a real bargain. PS I have it connected to the TV via an optical cable, could use the Bluetooth functionality, but the cable gives better sound without interference or dropouts. Highly recommend this LG sound bar at the price I paid 18 months ago, should be cheaper now, and if it’s going to be a steal.