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Orange Head Joke

Orange Head Joke
Orange Head Joke

Orange Head Joke: A man enters a pub and pauses: there’s this guy with a huge orange head. He was just sort of mooning into his drink. Inquiring about the man with the huge orange head, the bartender replies, “It’s a good tale,” the bartender adds. “Get him a drink and he may tell you.”

The Orange Head joke is a good example of something that is hilarious to some but not to others. When it’s told, the audience is usually split between those who find it amusing and those who don’t.

Orange Head joke:

A bartender is cleaning his bar when an unexpected client comes in. A gorgeous supermodel is on either arm of the guy, and a limo is parked outside. The guy also has an orange for ahead.

The client enters the bar and orders drinks for everyone. Despite having an orange for a head, he manages to attract the attention of every lady in the place.

The bartender is not one to pry, but he must know this man’s story.

“Excuse me,” the bartender replies, “but you have an orange for a head.” “What happened?”

So he recounted his tale.

Orange Head Joke
Orange Head Joke

“I was strolling down the beach when I noticed an old light partly buried in the sand. I cleaned it and POOF! a genie came out. The genie stated that he had been imprisoned in that lamp for two hundred years and would now grant me three wishes.

“My initial desire was for limitless wealth. He replied, “It is done!” Whenever I needed money, it was there.

“My second desire was to be noticed by all the world’s most attractive ladies. The genie said it was done, and I could have any lady I wanted.

“For my third wish, I requested for an orange for a head.”

So the guy approaches and offers to purchase around. “I guess you want to hear the tale, huh?” asks the huge orange man. “Sure, if you don’t mind,” he says.

“You know, I’ve gone over it a million times in my thoughts,” the huge orange guy sighs. It goes like this: I stubbed my toe on something while strolling down the beach. I glanced down and saw an old brass light. I brushed it off and lifted it up when this huge genie appeared!

Orange Head Joke
Orange Head Joke

“‘You have freed me from my ten-thousand-year captivity, and I owe you.’ As a thank you, I give you three desires.’

The bartender is aghast. “So I replied, ‘Wow, alright.'” My first desire is to be very rich.’

“The genie grants your desire.” And suddenly I had rings on my fingers, a crown on my head, money, ATM cards, and the deed to a house in the hills — I was rich!

“I said, ‘Wow!’ Okay, next wish, I want to marry the world’s most beautiful lady.’

“The genie grants your desire.” Then the water parted, revealing a beautiful lady in a stunning gown who took my hand, and the genie married us right there. It was amazing.

It says, ‘You have one desire left.’

The huge orange guy drinks his beer. “This may be where I went wrong,” he admits. Ooooh, I longed for a huge.