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mct wellness weight loss reviews

mct wellness weight loss reviews. Gundry MD produces a dietary supplement called mCT Wellness, which is intended to aid in both weight loss and mental performance. According to the company’s marketing, this supplement is ideal for anyone seeking a fat-burning furnace of a body and a clear, focused head.

mct wellness weight loss reviews
mct wellness weight loss reviews

But are the claims that MCT oil will lead to weight loss and enhanced brainpower based on science, or on marketing? Does this supplement contain a sufficient amount to have an effect? Is there anything in MCT Wellness that makes you wonder if it’s a bit of a scam? In addition, how do actual customers rate and describe the product?

In this article, we’ll address these concerns and more as we analyze the scientific literature on each ingredient in MCT Wellness and offer our opinion on whether or not we think it will aid in weight loss and cognitive performance. We will also provide genuine, unfiltered feedback from our customers.

The first active ingredient in this preparation is a prebiotic mixture consisting of MCT oil and acacia gum, and it is included at a total dose of 5,500 milligrams (mg).

This supplement seems to contain an appropriate dosage of MCT oil, which is an effective ingredient for weight loss. After 10 weeks of daily use, participants who took MCT oil lost an average of 1.12 pounds, according to a meta-analysis published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

With an average dose of 2,750 mg per day, this mixture falls within the effective dosing range of 1,700 mg to 10,000 mg.

While we agree that consuming more fiber is beneficial for your health in general, we do not believe that the 2 grams (g) of fiber in this supplement will result in any significant weight loss on its own. According to the USDA, that’s less dietary fiber than you’d find in a single small banana.

MitoHeal is an exclusive blend of redcurrant and blackcurrant extracts. We don’t understand why this would be included in a supplement marketed for either weight loss or brain function, and we were unable to locate any clinical studies that demonstrated its efficacy.

MitoHeal is promoted as a wrinkle-fighting beauty ingredient on the official company website.

CogniGrape is a patented red grape extract that has been researched for its effects on cognition rather than on weight loss, as the name would imply.

Though we do believe that MCT Wellness, thanks to its effective dose of MCT oil, will lead to some degree of weight loss, we do not recommend it because we believe it to be an expensive way to get the benefits of MCT oil.

mct wellness weight loss reviews
mct wellness weight loss reviews