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lorraine kelly weight loss

lorraine kelly weight loss. Lorraine Kelly has said that she, like many others, gained weight during the coronavirus epidemic. The TV host has joined WW, formerly Weight Watchers, on a mission to reach her ideal weight. Lorraine has lost 1.5 stone in the past few months, and her weight loss coach, Suzie Stirling, has shared the dietary guidelines she has been following.

lorraine kelly weight loss
lorraine kelly weight loss

Suzie advised always trying to have a healthy breakfast because your body needs good food to fuel it.

If you eat a healthy breakfast, you’ll be less likely to snack at work.

Lorraine chooses to start her day with a healthy bowl of porridge and fresh fruit because it keeps her full throughout the morning and prevents her from snacking on the many sweet treats that are readily available at the office.

Suzie suggests preparing meals in advance or bulk cooking in addition to eating a healthy breakfast.

Consider making a little extra dinner and packing it for lunch the next day. Usually, this will also result in monetary savings. She also mentioned that the WW app has many quick and easy lunch recipes that can be prepared in under five minutes.

A weight loss coach divulged that Lorraine’s favorite snack is a banana because it is a superfood.

They are incredibly adaptable and useful, and they are packed with nutrients and healthy fibers.

Don’t let that bunch of bananas go to waste before you use them; simply slice them up and store them in the freezer for use in smoothies or ice cream.

There is no such thing as bad food, Suzie claims, and no foods are off-limits.

According to Lorraine, she developed the habit of chowing down on a large amount of chocolate right before bed because she loves it so much.

Instead of quitting cold turkey, the TV host has been snacking on fruit pieces dipped in chocolate spread.

It’s not just about hitting the gym or running a 5K to get moving. It’s about finding something you enjoy doing so much that you’ll do it rain or shine, as Suzie put it.

Suzie recommends doing simple things like stretching while watching TV, or walking the dog first thing in the morning. She advised readers of The Sun to find manageable, low-impact ways to work toward their goals.

lorraine kelly weight loss
lorraine kelly weight loss