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Liift4 review

Liift4 review

Liift4 review

The LIIFT4 workout programme, created by fitness trainer Joel Freeman, is an 8-week Beachbody programme. It focuses on weightlifting and cardio HIIT for muscle building and calories burning.

Workouts at LIIFT4
I know I said this before, but LIIFT4 is one of the best home workout programs that I have ever done. It ranks up there in my top 3 when it comes to Beachbody programs, along with Turbofire and 21-Day Fix.
The best thing about this plan is that it’s only a commitment of 4 days a week. This makes it absolutely doable! On the 3 days of rest a week you have the chance to relax, stretch your muscles Or be active in ways you like, such as walking , running, yoga etc.

I found that the rest of the days were definitely needed for my muscles to rest with all the strength training I was doing in this programme. I’ve been sore throughout the whole programme. I used the extra days off to take some more walks with the dogs.
The lengths of the workout range from around 23 minutes up to 40 minutes. Most of them last for about 35-39 minutes.

LIIFT4 program has 4 types of workouts plus 2 day stretch workouts on recovery:

50/50 LIVE

Weightlifting begins in the first half of the workout, followed by an HIIT portion, and finishes with heart.

At the end of the workout, weightlifting is all with heart.
You do 3 workout sets. You do 3 rounds of 4 different exercises back and forth in each block. For instance, chest press, tricep kickback, chest fly, and skull crushers exercises can be the first block.
Intervals at LIIFT

The workout alternates weightlifting exercises and cardio HIIT exercises, ending with core exercises.

You do 2 exercises for weightlifting, followed by a 30 second HIIT exercise, repeating each block 3 times before moving to the next block.

4 HIIT cardio movements varying in length and ending at core.
The first exercise is completed in 60 seconds, the second in 45 seconds, the third in 30 seconds and the fourth in 15 seconds.
What I didn’t like regarding LIIFT4

There’s not much to say here, honestly, because I really liked this programme! I love it’s focused on strength training, but it also burns a ton of calories, adding in some HIIT components. I really like the fact that every single workout has a core part. I always forget about my core, so it’s great to have that 10-minute core burn 4 days / week.

I want the workouts to be 25-30 minutes long if I had to be really picky.A Nutrition Plan LIIFT4
You’ll be placed into one of the six meal plans based on your weight. — diet offers you a variety of calories to consume, as well as how many servings you should consume of and form of food: vegetables , fruits, proteins, grains, healthy fats, seeds and dressings, and oil and nut butter.

I was in Plan A, weighting 168 lbs. Or, not so much. I was quite happy that the estimated caloric intake for my program was higher than some of the other Beachbody diet plans.

The outcomes of my LIIFT4 Fitness System
I am very glad to have taken pictures and measurements before and after this experiment, rather than depending on the number on the scale. I personally gained 2 LIIFT4 pounds! Not something I was looking for, but I know those 2 pounds are pure lean muscle and not fat based on my measurements, pictures and the way my clothes fit.

liift4 review
liift4 review