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Dormeo mattress review

Dormeo mattress review

Dormeo mattress review

Dormeo is a popular mattress brand in the UK and Europe where you can choose from countless mattress offerings. They revolutionized the industry with their inclusion of the all-foam coil from Octaspring which provides targeted support while ensuring essential cooling and relief from pressure. They have since introduced pocket sprung and standard all-foam types too. Customers usually like their mattresses, although there are some quality issues.

It has five different mattresses, a mix of all-foam and hybrid models designed to suit every individual and budget. I’m going to break down the construction, comfort, pricing and more so you can decide if your next purchase of bedding should be a mattress.

For most sleepers, foam beds, innerspring mattresses and hybrid versions are common, but what about foam springs? This is Dormeo ‘s unique technology mattress company which offers its customers.

These springs are specifically part of an all-foam, patented Octaspring ® system which aims to provide head-to – toe support through an optimized zoned design. In addition, the Octaspring ® device allows air to pass through the mattress to keep people cool at night.

Dormeo was founded in 2002, and is a United Kingdom based international bedding brand. The team springs its memory foam from Italy where they have found products of high quality at reasonable prices. Customers can buy Dormeo beds online, or visit Buckinghamshire ‘s main showroom at the company.

The company’s goal is to provide maximum comfort where it is most required-which is, of course, our bodies-stressing that good sleep is one of the most essential pillars of a safe and fulfilling existence. Customers can also purchase Dormeo duvets and pillows in addition to the mattresses.

Collections of Dormeo Matress
Dormeo offers five different mattresses: memory foam, hybrid, and latex beds:

Memory foam Dormeo S Plus

Memory foam on Octasmart Plus

Dormeo Memory Plus Shake

Hybrid by Octaspring

Octaspring 9500 Foam Latex Memory

Let’s take a look at each mattress build.
The Dormeo S Plus is a memory foam mattress of 20 centimetres. It has a divided, flippable heart, so that every person in bed can choose whether they want a feeling of soft or firmness. Simply unzip the cover and flip one side of the mattress to choose between two Ecocell ® foam densities. Depending on their needs, sleepers can also rotate the core to get zoned support on either the hips or shoulders.

Ready to buy in store
Comfort layer with high density memory foam

Springs made from soy-infused foam

Removable cover allows for spot cleaning

Built in North America


Quite high retail price, not fixed

Not available to compare prices or order online

Unloaded in a box

The top cover is not washable by computer

No King Size in California

The level of firmness is not adjustable

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dormeo mattress review
dormeo mattress review