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how much money does alton towers make a year

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Alton Towers provides a wide variety of products and services, both tangible and intangible, to a wide variety of customers. Theme park, hotels, bars, restaurants, a water park, and a spa are all examples. The main hotel at the Alton Towers Resort is the Alton Towers Hotel, but there’s also a second hotel with themed rooms like the chocolate room. This demonstrates how Alton Towers uses themed rooms to coincide with the opening of new rides in order to maximize revenue. A spa, offering services like massage, facials, and body wraps, is also available at Alton Towers. Customers can also schedule appointments with beauty therapists who will treat them like royalty. Alton Towers’ primary function is to provide guests with an unforgettable adventure. Shops catering to a wide variety of visitors sell souvenirs, photos, treats, and other trinkets that will remind guests of their fun time at Alton Towers and entice them to return.

Alton Towers follows the HASAW regulations, which are crucial in light of the numerous risks present. A customer can see whether they should proceed onto a ride via a notice board located at the entrance to each ride. This rule is very important, and the customer should follow it. The Alton Towers complex follows the ADA standards as well. Wheelchair access points include lifts, disabled entrances, ramps, and restrooms. To ensure everyone’s safety, the Health and Safety Act applies to everyone. In the event of an emergency, guests at Alton Towers can rest assured that help will arrive promptly. Alton Towers partners with coach companies to attract the largest possible crowds. They can attract many people from within the country by collaborating with coach companies. By working together in this way, both businesses will be able to increase their income. The Merlin Entertainment group, of which Alton Towers is a part, is vertically integrated.

When these services are offered to whom do they cater?

Leisure tourists can take advantage of these offerings at Alton Towers, as a visit to the theme park makes for a fun day out with the kids or a relaxing weekend getaway with the family. The hotels may provide services like spas and games for guests to enjoy.

To whom does this institution answer?

Stakeholders are those with an interest in the company and its success; they expect a return on their investment. Shares in Alton Towers can now be purchased and sold because the theme park converted to a public limited company. Investors in Alton Towers take pride in keeping the area neat and tidy for the amusement park’s guests.