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Bangn body review

Bangn body review: I have never used a body firming lotion before, this is often the primary one I’ve used! I haven’t used it long enough to report back on how it works on cellulite areas etc but I can tell you that it works well with my general skin texture.

Bangn body review
Bangn body review


Known to scale back redness, smooth bumps, and help with breakouts. its anti-inflammatory properties. Increases skin circulation, collagen production, and blood flow. this is often alleged to help reduce cellulite, stretch marks, and scarring. Brightens and hydrates skin Firms and tightens skin Fights radical damage and slows down the aging process


This miracle lotion has numerous bold claims! As I discussed, I haven’t been using it long enough to discuss the anti-aging factors but I can definitely vouch for the lotion feeling good on my skin! It’s not oily so I don’t feel as if my pores are being clogged. In fact, I noticed it had helped clear up my skin once I had quite a few angry spots come up last week.

Bangn body review
Bangn body review

The ingredients sound incredible for skin, so I can see why it worked amazingly for calming down my skin as an inflammatory. It contains copra oil, sunflower oil, jojoba seed oil, burns plant leaf oil, shea butter, green coffee berry extract, avocado oil, and pineapple fruit extract.


On your body – I even have found the lotion to be obviously super hydrating on my body. I exploit it over the driest areas around my elbows, knees, and ankles. I also love putting it on my upper chest/neck area before bed because sometimes I sleep funny on my side and make it wrinkly during the night! It isn’t oily and I can jump into bed straight after applying it. I find it best to use it after a shower in the dark or the very first thing in the morning.

On your face – I even have found it to be great as a daily moisturizer! The Firming lotion doesn’t desire it’s clogging my pores because it’s so lightweight. Use it as your daily facial moisturizer.

As a makeup Primer – Ideal for applying before the inspiration to stay skin hydrated throughout the day. I always find that my makeup lasts longer throughout the day once I wear a moisturizer!

Bangn body review
Bangn body review

Hand Cream – I keep my tube on my desk at work so I remember to moisturize throughout the day, especially when I’m always using a lot of hand sanitizer.


Claimed to be the “ultimate time saving, multi-tasking beauty balm to nourish & hydrate delicate lips and brighten eyes”, this beauty balm features a lot to measure up to! I have found that I mostly use this balm on my lips during the day and that I wear it as an under-eye cream before bed.


It’s quite an oily feeling lip product, I wouldn’t quite call it a balm – more of a lip oil? Tube is When it comes out of the tube, it’s sort of a similar texture to a lip scrub from Lush but it quickly smooths out into oil with warmth. On the lips, I don’t find it lasts too long. Whether it soaks in quickly or is wiped off with food/general talking, I’m unsure.

The merchandise doesn’t sit on my lips for too long but my lips don’t feel dry. I normally apply this twice each day and before bed. Comparing this to other lip balms, I wouldn’t say it’s my absolute favorite but it’s in my top 5 because I really like how it isn’t sticky at all! It’s also in an aluminum tube with a luxe feel and appearance, perfect for those Instagram snaps.


I’m unsure if I’ll keep using this as an eye-fixed cream but the sweetness balm works very similarly to how once I use it on my lips. It’s a graceful, non-sticky formula that’s a touch bit oily but easy to massage into the skin. I don’t mind using this under my eyes and on fine lines. It’s an honest alternative but I feel I’ll persist with my Lamer eye cream for now.

Bangn body review
Bangn body review


I hope you found my mini-reviews useful! I even have loved trying out these cult products thus far and I can’t wait to ascertain the future effects after using them for a couple of months. I even have been using them for 3 weeks as I’m scripting this. I always use products for two 3 weeks before reviewing, just to permit enough time to ascertain some results or report back to you guys on my skin reactions, etc. Have you used Bangn Body yet? I’d like to know what your thoughts are on these goodies!