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Koppim review

Koppim review: The Malaysian Islamic Consumer Development Cooperation (KoPPIM) has taken progressive steps by meeting Muslim consumers to encourage them to enhance the economy by investing in cooperatives. KoPPIM’s Director of Operations, Fadzil Hashim, said the cooperative will launch a series of tours tonight at the Seminar Room, Sultan Iskandar Mosque, Dato Onn City, Johor Bahru.

Koppim review
Koppim review

According to him, the KoPPIM organized by the Malaysian Muslim Consumer Association (PPIM) played a task in shaping a replacement financial system to help Muslims. “The Buy Muslim First Campaign (BMF) has successfully realized how strong we are once we unite and increase the sales of Muslim traders.

“We are launching this wave with a scientific decide to consolidate our power as Muslim consumers by raising funds in KoPPIM,” he said during a statement here today. Fadzil said the fund would be wont to help Muslim entrepreneurs form an ecosystem through a replacement chain

Koppim review
Koppim review

He added that a Muslim supermarket, Malakat Mall would open in Cyberjaya in January 2020 and a suggestion to become a vendor within the supermarket had already been opened. “Malakat Mall is believed to spice up the participation of Muslim users in becoming members of KoPPIM.

“This is in line with the aim of the cooperative to make consumers owners of the economy by participating in the cooperative,” he said. As consumers, we have the choice to vary our purchasing patterns. Through the concept of SPEND (BMF support) —> UNITE —> FUND (Invest RM100 / month). KoPPIM wants to rework the eco-system of the economy consistent with the Islamic mold.

5 KoPPIM Offers

Here are the KoPPIM offers to you.

1) Being the most platform for Muslims to integrate sources of supply and buy.

2) Become a strategic investor in ‘supply chain development

3) Become a fund manager within the strategic sector

4) Make Consumers the Owners of Economic Wealth

5) Ensure ‘fair distribution of wealth’

Koppim review
Koppim review

InshaAllah KoPPIM is going to be a strategic investment for the economic development of Muslims. One of the advantages of KoPPIM for the Muslim community is that it provides free social services to all or any …

1) Muslim consumers spend RM1,500 per month on family retail

2) Free 24-hour Family Clinic Services

3) Free specialist hospital services

4) Chronic & emergency surgery tube

5) Free pre-school and international school education

6) Free private university education

7) Scholarship fund

8) Free entrepreneurial guidance

9) Entrepreneur fund access

10) Global entrepreneurial mission fund

Is it impossible for us to upgrade the Muslim economy in Malaysia?

It would not be possible if we were all united. You MUST be convinced to take a position in KoPPIM for the sake of the Islamic economy. Trust me … thereupon investment will make this objective easier to realize. God willing. Please find more information at now!

Koppim review
Koppim review

Another video of the success of Coach Fadzil of the Raudhah City corporation was the creation of Malakat Mall in Cyberjaya. it had been an excellent success. Please watch it now! If you’d wish to open a store there, please contact Raudhah City.