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However, you should be aware of the specifics of the codes, such as how to acquire them. Many people miss out on rewards because they can’t tell if a code has been updated or has simply expired. But gamers interested in learning the truth about the codes are the intended audience of this piece. We wish you the best of luck in locating the specifics you seek concerning your preferred game.

January 2023 Codes for World of Warships

Every month, World of Warships gives away new codes to its players. You’ll need to keep up with the monthly updates to the codes. Those in the know consistently use the codes to obtain the freebies. However, they do not have a long validity period and must be redeemed before they expire. All current World of Warships codes are listed below.

You Can Get a Free Item in the Game if You Redeem the Code BF22CONT4LOGIN Obtain 7 cost-effective storage containers (NEW)

SCOTCHWOODCOCK Seven money-saving storage containers (NEW)

CHIPOLANTERN In exchange for 10 more portal tokens, obtain this to finish the mission (NEW)

WOWSOGHOGHGIFT Acquire 7 low-cost storage bins

MDYKWPDZYUFTIHIU Procure 7 low-cost storage bins

1281DVDMG2 You can get a free gift pack or other freebies.

G24HHBMWOWS7S Receive a Free Sample or Gift Basket

S633UL9RN3 Receive a Freebie Pack or other Bonus Items

200BRAZILINDEPENDENCE Receive a Free Sample or Gift Basket

Since codes are only released periodically (a few times per month), they do not have very long expiration dates. Because of this, they need to be used before their due date. There are some January vouchers that have already ended. You could waste a lot of time looking for new codes and trying to use outdated ones if you aren’t aware of them. This month alone, it has had over 20 codes expire.

SOVBB21 9VX29Y9D8G INSPIREDBYYOU Package of Freebies or Gifts

The 787th day of the 7th month of the 7th year: T787CM7THBDAY: Gift Pack or some freebies

S633UL9RN3: Sampler, Sampler Pack, or Free Stuff

Gift Set or Free Stuff, G24HHBMWOWS7S

Whether a Gift Set or Bonus Materials is Included with Order No. 1281DVDMG2, You’ll Get Both!

For the MEATGRINDER2000, all coal is on the house.

Gift Redeem Code 200BRAZILINDEPENDENCE: Pack or Other Rewards

Present Certificate: PAXWB-38Y6A-GWXTU

Code: PAXWX-A4C9A-7H5FN; Contents: Present

The code is KC0524UC25, and it’s for a freebie pack or something similar.