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springboard america reviews

Is Springboard America a scam that you should avoid or a legitimate service?

First off, I’ll say that this survey site is 100% legit and delivers on its promises. Here, your participation in the provided surveys is financially rewarded.

However, whether or not Springboard America is an effective use of your time has not yet been definitively established.

So that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to join Springboard America, this review will cover everything you need to know to get started.

You may already be aware that Springboard America is a survey that offers incentives in exchange for your feedback.

Maru/Blue, a market research firm that takes great pride in its knowledge of high-quality data, is the owner of this survey platform.

In fact, the site’s full name is Maru Springboard America, but it’s more commonly referred to as Springboard America.

Their website claims that they only work with trustworthy businesses and nonprofits, and that you’ll be helping them out by taking their surveys.

Given that it is a survey site, you can probably guess how you can earn rewards, but I will present it anyway so you will know the specifics of how it works and how great the opportunities there are.

Take a look at the employment and salary options that Springboard America has to offer.

Option 1: Surveys Conducted By Springboard America

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that paid surveys are the primary means of compensation at Maru Springboard America.

After registering for the site, a list of available surveys will be displayed.

It works the same way as other survey sites in that you get an email when a survey matches your interests.

Numerous members have complained that they are not invited to participate in surveys very often on Springboard America.

A red flag is a low invitation frequency for a survey site that relies heavily on paid surveys.

That will only slow down the rate at which you accumulate reward points (more on this to come). Nonetheless, if you qualify, you may find some survey opportunities here that are worth your time and effort.