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when do jane and rafael get back together season 5

when do jane and rafael get back together season 5. At the beginning of the show, things between the exes are amicable, and Raf is even assisting Jane in her apartment search. Then they meet the stunning new lady he’s seeing, Julie (Sophia Bush of Chicago P.D. and One Tree Hill).

Jane, understandably, goes into a tailspin and begins to stalk her on Instagram. Petra may prevent Jane from exposing her bad behavior by clicking on Julie’s stories, but she can’t stop Jane from using Xo’s phone to do so. What Jane does find is not very encouraging: a photo of a koala clinging to a human leg, with a caption complaining that her new boyfriend’s ex is a cling.

when do jane and rafael get back together season 5

Even though Jane is the more mature of the two, Petra talks her into not confronting Raf. Jane reassures Julie that she and Rafael are just co-parents, and that Raf likes her very much, after Julie asks if there is something going on between them. Except he doesn’t keep it to himself; he tells Jane. One of his many issues with Julie is that she overuses emojis. In addition to encouraging him to give Julie another shot, Jane suggests he make a list of the qualities he’s looking for in a partner. But the list only serves to reinforce his belief that she is not The One.

I tried to work things out with Julie, but there was one major roadblock: love. Jane, she is not you. To put it simply: I adore you. I’ve tried to stop numerous times, but I either can’t or don’t care to.

The trees begin singing a song from Mateo’s school musical, “Everything Needs Love to Grow,” as the couple embraces. just before breaking into a full-blown song and dance number with the entire cast. (I really don’t know how I’m still here. (Milos sings a tune.)

when do jane and rafael get back together season 5

So that he can avoid Rivers’ wrath, Rogelio decides to employ a bodyguard. But when River and the big man hit it off, it turns out that Rogelio had set the whole thing up so that River could obsess over someone else. And the strategy was a smashing success.