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rocketbook reviews

The Fusion Notebook has a total of 42 pages, with seven different page styles. Most of the pages are lined or dotted paper, but theres also a monthly calendar, two weekly calendar pages, and three pages geared toward project or idea tracking. Having these extra pages pretty much means Ill never need to buy a planner again.

Once youve written out everything you need, you can scan the page through the free Rocketbook app (Android/iOS) and upload it to cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, OneNote, Slack, iCloud, your email address, and more.

With any of Rocketbooks notebooks, you have to use Pilots Frixion writing utensils. It only takes about 15 seconds for ink from the Frixion pens, markers, or highlighters to dry and bond to the Rocketbooks pages. Once you dont need those notes or plans anymore, you can wipe the page clean with a damp microfiber cloth (included) (included).

Im not usually a huge fan of ballpoint pens because I dislike how they bleed and smudge on traditional paper. So when I first got my Rocketbook, I purchased the Pilot Frixion markers to go with it. While they wrote okay, it was very easy for the writing to fade and sometimes completely erase just from the heat of my fingertips or arm.

Your purchase of a Rocketbook, whether you go with the larger Letter size or the smaller Executive size, comes with one Pilot Frixion gel ink pen thats very similar to ballpoint pens. This seemed to write okay, so I purchased a whole pack of Frixion gel ink pens.

The gel ink pens are amazing. Theyre so much better than the markers, and once the ink dries, it doesnt really come off at all unless you use water and the microfiber cloth. Plus, the colors are more vibrant than the markers.