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“It’s a scary “game” online website that follows similar theories like the “Bloody Mary” and board fads of Ouija. The website itself makes “haunted” claims and is a “powerful tool for revenge on someone who has done you wrong.” A site that has gained a reputation for being “dark” and “dangerous” in recent years features the supposed ghost of a girl named “Repleh Snatas.” Website

‘Repleh Snatas’ is “Satan’s Helper” backwards.

There are several tales about this website, built solely to frighten the naive and gullible, but it is said that the pages can only be reached at midnight.

According to tradition, in tragic and unfortunate circumstances, after many alleged miscarriages, the mystery girl was born sometime around the 18th century. Apparently, Repleh was born with a very odd birthmark on her face; something that was called the devil’s mark. Website

Her family was persuaded that Satan owned the child, so they decided to lock her in her bed, subjecting her to continuous inhumane torture and violence. She was warned that if she looked into any of the mirrors, they would break, allowing the Devil to get her. The room was lined with several mirrors.