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Ilmakiage Review

Ilmakiage Review

Ilmakiage Review: Il Makiage is a new brand of make-up that specifically taps into this tremendous global trend. You can shop by ‘talent’ on the website, scrolling through various influencer looks before you find one you want, before clicking on the items concerned. It’s fun and very funky, and the looks are incredibly individual, varying from the outrageous to the traditional via almost everything in between.

The beauty industry has been dominated by a new factor over the past few years: the rise of social media influencers. It’s what has made Kylie Jenner the youngest billionaire in the world, and it’s what drives countless YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok make-up posts.

User Reviews

I’m really impressed by this brand. I used the quiz to find my shade and had it sent with a concealer. I found that the shade was very slightly off. Not so much that I can’t wear the foundation, it’s just ever so slightly a bit too yellow for my complexion. So I emailed and asked about exchanging it for something with a tiny bit pinker. They said that not only could I keep the original one, but they sent me a brand new foundation (they asked me a couple more questions to find the right match), as well as a $25 AUD gift voucher which I used on a powder contour. The new foundation is perfect and I love the contour as well. I’m really impressed by their customer service and I’d definitely buy from them again.

I purchased my first item using the “try before you buy” option. The primer didn’t work out for me, so I returned it before the 14-day trial ended. They immediately sent a pre-paid return label that I just printed and taped over the original label on the original packaging and dropped it in the mail. No problems with any charges, and today they sent me a free promo code for $50 that can be used toward any product, including shipping. I was pretty surprised, and am excited to try something else. I can’t speak for the product quality just yet (I have very sensitive skin that didn’t like the primer), but am impressed with their customer service.

What Is the Meaning of Il Makiage?

Il Makiage, a New York-based beauty firm that launched in 2018, seeks to make online shopping for beauty products more convenient by offering a PowerMatch questionnaire to customers. In the words of corporate representatives, “The PowerMatch algorithm uses machine learning to exactly match a consumer’s foundation with more than 90 percent accuracy, without ever seeing their face.” The PowerMatch algorithm was developed by their technical team after hundreds of thousands of data points and information on 700 different skin tone combinations were combined. The foundation you receive will be properly matched to your skin tone after you have completed the online assessment. There are 50 different hues to choose from. When purchasing a foundation, you have up to 14 days to return it for a full refund if the shade does not match your skin tone or if you simply do not care for it.

However, while the brand’s characteristic foundation is the most well-known product, there is also a diverse range of items for the eyes, lips, and face to discover and experiment with. The algorithm is now accessible for the brand’s foundation and concealers, but the company tells us they are “continue to investigate the application of technology and artificial intelligence in a range of additional products,” so keep an eye out for more information in the future.

Ilmakiage Review

This is the PowerMatch Quiz.

In less than two minutes, I completed the PowerMatch survey, which consisted of easy questions about my skincare goals, the color of my veins in my wrists (in order to match undertones), and the level of coverage I preferred. Several people have also inquired about the foundation brand I’m currently using (Armani Luminous Silk), as well as whether I apply it with a brush, sponge, or my fingers. Then I tried my best to match my skin tone to the numerous examples, after which I supplied my email address to receive the results of my color matching efforts.

Concerning My Skin

When it comes to my fine wrinkles, dullness, and hyperpigmentation, I definitely require a high level of coverage that remains in place throughout the day. However, the foundation tends to feel heavy on my skin most of the time. Formulas that are lightweight, provide plenty of coverage, and have a faint dewiness to them are my favorites since they give my skin a youthful radiance. This is why I’ve been wearing Armani’s Luminous Silk for the past few months. I find that my T-zone can become a little oily as the day passes, so I frequently apply a setting powder in the afternoon, followed by a spritz of rose water, for a fast refresh.

How to Apply

Use the products you’re already familiar with to prep your skin. It consists of a cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen, in that order. According to the instructions, you should apply two pumps of the cream to your skin, blending thoroughly with a brush or sponge (not with your fingers). Please keep in mind that this product has a small orange hue upon application and will need to oxidize for around five minutes before it will match your skin tone—so don’t be shocked if it doesn’t match right away.

My Experience with the Il Makiage Foundation

What drew my attention to this foundation was the fact that it is formulated with vitamin E, which has anti-aging properties, as well as hyaluronic acid, which helps to hydrate and plump the skin’s appearance. But, to be completely honest, I didn’t have high hopes. When it comes to matching foundation to my skin tone, I’ve never been very good at it. I’ve always relied on a sales representative in a beauty store to assist me with this process, and even then, the results have been hit or miss. With Il Makiage, on the other hand, I was pleasantly impressed by the precision of the formula once it had totally oxidized on my skin.

For the first few hours, my complexion appeared to be in excellent shape under a variety of lighting circumstances, including indoor lights, natural sunlight, and the strong lights on my bathroom mirror. Throughout the day, the oiliness around my T-zones became uncontrollable, and the product began to soak into my fine wrinkles, leaving my skin looking lifeless and cakey. The formula also felt thick on my skin, which made me quite conscious of the fact that I was wearing a foundation. The end of the day always made me eager to wash my face so that my skin could breathe again the next day.

The Final Say on the Matter

I would not advocate this product for long-term use (they do sell a primer and setting spray, which may assist to lengthen its wear time), but I believe it would be perfect for short-term activities such as a picture shoot or after-dinner cocktails with friends. It does provide substantial coverage with a matte finish that would look fantastic on film or on the camera. This product is ideal for beauty lovers who aren’t frightened of a thicker, full-coverage look and aren’t hesitant to experiment. Although I like a lighter, more natural-looking finish, I’ll continue to use my favorite Armani Luminous Silk for regular wear.

If you love make-up, this site will be enjoyed by you – and you will love the items as well. And even though it’s supposed to appeal to youthful exuberance, the make-up itself is actually deadly serious, of the highest quality and appropriate not just for this world’s smoothie-chops influencers, but even for crabby middle-aged moms like me who really need to upgrade their Zoom skills.

Ilmakiage Review