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nulastin reviews

In a clinical trial lasting 12 weeks, 83% of participants reported that our Rejuvenating Facial SKIN Moisturizer with Elastaplex had helped their skin look smoother and had diminished the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Our HAIR Vibrant Scalp Treatment with Elastaplex was shown to be effective in a 16-week clinical trial, with 80% of participants reporting a decrease in the visibility of hair thinning and bald spots.

Leah Garcia, a former professional athlete and award-winning TV host, was inspired to develop a revolutionary product after witnessing the effects of aging, sun damage, and facial paralysis on her own skin and muscles. Her dedication to providing effective, all-natural formulas backed by real science is the driving force behind our tried-and-true solutions.

For the record, this is not my first time buying Nulastin; I have prior experience with the supplement. Both the first time I bought it, when my incredibly sparse brows filled in, and this time around, when I bought it again, were equally successful. I was/am relieved to finally have respectable brows again. I don’t need a pencil because I’m not thick. As I continue to use the item, I pray that they will become thicker. You should know that, just like with any other hair growth product, the newly grown hair will fall out if you stop using the product. Think of this as a product you’ll need to buy repeatedly if you value your brows. This prompted me to look for less expensive options. In spite of the fact that I tried no less than three other options, each of which was significantly less expensive and received overwhelmingly positive reviews from users, no brow growth occurred. My brows have grown enough that I no longer need to fill them in, so I’ve gone back to Nulastin and have been using the serum twice a day, every day, for the past 33 days.

Cons of a product that does what it says it does….

One, the price is astronomically high. When gold costs more than $7,000 an ounce, customer loyalty is a luxury.

After 36 days of using the product as directed, I finished the tiny vile. I need a second vile in order to achieve the level of growth I desire.

Third, the vile and brush are smaller and less durable than they were when I last bought them. It’s unclear to me whether the serum quantity in the vial has decreased or whether the brush isn’t absorbing as much of the liquid. Using the same method as before, I managed to get by with only 7 days’ worth of product.

Negatives galore… Though it’s not part of Prime, this item qualifies for free shipping. It took me longer than expected to deplete my supply, and the replacement I ordered won’t arrive for another TWO TO THREE WEEKS. It’s likely that I’ll have to start over with my brow growth.

Having said that, it seems like the only brow growth product (so far) that works for me is Nulastin, so I’ll keep buying it until I find something else that does. Yes, it is necessary. We can’t afford it. The 2-pack was only $140 with tax, so I saved a ton of money by purchasing it. Whoa! It’s a bitter pill to have to take!