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how to prestige on mw2

how to prestige on mw2. The prestige system from the original Modern Warfare has returned in Modern Warfare 2, so let’s take a quick look at how it functions and how to switch to a prestige emblem.

how to prestige on mw2
how to prestige on mw2

For those who have been playing the Modern Warfare series since its inception, you’ll be happy to know that the game’s prestige system has been restored, rather than the seasonal reset that has become standard practice.

When players in the original Call of Duty reached the maximum rank, they were given the option of prestiging and starting over at Level 1 with all of their previously unlocked weapons and Perks still in place.

While not all of these concepts have been carried over into Modern Warfare 2, a large number of them have. So, let’s examine the new Prestige system in Modern Warfare 2 and see how it functions.

When you reach Rank 56 in Modern Warfare 2, a message will appear informing you that you have Prestiged and that you have entered Prestige Level 1, though your overall Rank will not change.

The level cap will increase after Season 1, but players’ ranks will persist from season to season thanks to a system called “Persistent Prestige.”

A new Prestige Emblem, additional challenges, and the potential to acquire a unique Calling Card await those who are successful in their quest to Prestige.

Playing Modern Warfare 2 and completing challenges will earn you Military Ranks from 1 to 55. You can unlock new weapon platforms, loadout items (like Killstreaks and Perks), and more as you rise through the ranks of the military in MW2.

Multiplayer matches are a great way to level up, and there are a variety of ways to do so, including by killing enemies, calling in Killstreaks, and adhering to the game’s objective.

Earn Experience Points (XP) by completing Daily Challenges in Multiplayer and Special Ops. If you complete the game’s three daily tasks, you’ll gain access to a bonus task that grants three times the normal amount of experience points.

In Modern Warfare 2, XP can also be gained by accomplishing certain milestones in your professional development. These are usually accomplished over the course of several playthroughs, as you gain expertise with various weapons and game modes.

how to prestige on mw2
how to prestige on mw2