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how to move objects freely in sims 4

The Sims 4’s “move objects” cheat allows for unlimited object relocation.

To access the cheat console, press the keys Ctrl + Shift + C.

Then, hit enter after typing “bb.moveobjects.” The cheat will be facilitated by this.

Re-entering this command will turn off the cheat.

As with any new experience, the first time you use this cheat you may feel like you’ve damaged something. This is due to the fact that the cheat removes all constraints on where an item can be placed, making it possible to move it around with complete freedom. While this can be enjoyable for those who pick up the technique quickly, it can be incredibly frustrating for those who aren’t aware of this cheat and attempt it for the first time.

To rotate the items as you move them, press the Alt key on your keyboard. You can also use this cheat to arrange things so that they are on top or bottom. To raise an item, type “9” on the keyboard. Pressing the 0 key will bring it down.

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