Skip to content reviews reviews. has an extremely low trust ranking, which suggests that it is highly likely to be a scam. Take extreme caution when using this website. reviews reviews

Our automated review of took a wide range of factors into account, including its location, popularity, and history of issues with fake products, scams, and phishing. Ultimately, the information is used to calculate a trustworthiness rating.

Even though the website appears to have a terrible rating, please keep in mind that our algorithm has some flaws. Perhaps it’s not a fraud and actually a secure and reliable website. Accordingly, it is recommended that you conduct your own independent investigation.

Examination of an Online Store

This site scores poorly in Tranco’s rankings. As a result, it’s safe to assume that not many people ever bother to check out this site. This is typical for a new or specialized website. A higher Alexa rank is indicative of a more popular website.

The server the website is hosted on also hosts a number of other, potentially malicious websites, as we found out. Accordingly, we had to give a lower rating. Which sites are affected can be seen by clicking the server tab further down the page. In the same vein, websites with a low trust score are cause for concern because they could be involved in online scams or selling counterfeit goods. Scammers frequently run multiple fake sites off of the same server.

Unfortunately, we found several items in this online store that are also commonly sold by con artists. Products like iPhones and their parts, vitamins, and hoodies are examples of this type. Ensure the online store is legitimate by taking extra precautions. To learn how to spot a scam, read our helpful article. reviews reviews