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error code 9001 nintendo

error code 9001 nintendo. If you visit the Nintendo website to buy or redeem a download code for a game, piece of content, or Nintendo Switch Online membership and encounter error code 9001-0026, please contact Nintendo customer support for assistance.

error code 9001 nintendo
error code 9001 nintendo

Detailed Supplementary Material:

If you’re seeing this error, it means your Nintendo Account has never logged into Nintendo eShop from a Nintendo Switch.

Only with a Nintendo Account that is currently linked to a Nintendo Switch console can you buy or redeem Nintendo Switch games, content, or memberships from the Nintendo online store.

Action Required:

First, make sure you are logged into the right Nintendo Account on the Nintendo website or the offer page.

Second, you’ll need to associate your Nintendo Account with the Nintendo Switch you’ll be using to access the content.

Third, use your Nintendo Account to log into Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch at least once.

You should try again by visiting the Nintendo website or the offer page.

To obtain the content, you must first access the Nintendo eShop at least once after linking your Nintendo Account to the Nintendo Switch console you intend to use to download the content. When this is done, you can continue redeeming your code or completing your purchase on

Nintendo prevents accounts that have never been linked to a Nintendo Switch from buying any digital content or item for a Nintendo Switch on This is done to cut down on fraud and other account-related issues. Hackers have historically targeted Nintendo’s official website in an effort to make unauthorized purchases using accounts that aren’t even associated with a Nintendo Switch.

Seven, when attempting to buy something or redeem a code on the Nintendo website with an old Nintendo account that has not yet been linked to your new Switch, you will likely receive error code 9001-0026.

The Nintendo Switch 9001-0026 error may also be caused by the following:

Error 9001-0026 can occur for a number of different reasons, the most common of which is using a Nintendo account that is not linked to your main account. In the paragraphs that follow, I’d like to offer some brief commentary on each.

10: Unpredictable computer glitch.

11. A persistent or random bug in some players’ systems may cause them to receive error code 9001-0026. If you know for a fact that you are utilizing a Nintendo Switch linked account to make a purchase or redeem a code on the Nintendo website, but you still received the error code, it may be the result of a random server or system issue. If you can’t figure out what’s wrong with your Nintendo Switch, try restarting it.

error code 9001 nintendo
error code 9001 nintendo