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beautifulhalo reviews

Warning: I ordered an extra-large cardigan from them and it was so small it would have fit a child. The sweater was also of very poor quality and the company is now refusing to give me a refund. If you want to avoid getting scammed, you should not buy anything from these people.

Even if they sell you something that has stitches coming undone, they won’t take it back. I’ve included a picture of just one possible instance. Keep the shirt, they said, and have it altered at a nearby tailoring shop. I was then offered a 20% discount to keep the shirt. We stopped communicating after I requested a 50% refund. What is happening at this point, I cannot say. Complete and utter deceitful theft from a business. Avoid them at all costs.

No refunds or exchanges will be given for the knitted cardigan I ordered but instead received a cheaply printed and chatty copy of. Demand confirmation that you received the correct item. I have forwarded a copy of the original order as well as photos of the received and ordered items.

Two scone-like things for the wall were what I ended up buying. In addition to not being approved for use in North America, they did not come with any kind of wall mounting hardware. Discussions with Beautiful Halo have led them to the conclusion that Chinese certification is all that is required. These fixtures cost $160 each and are made entirely of cheap plastic. As they were aware that shipping back to China would be costly, they offered to send me the missing components and gave me a discount of 10%. But I plan to act in this manner. If they want to fill up junkyards, that’s their business.