Skip to content Website Website Website: is the website for iCarly, which features Carly Shay and Sam Puckett’s weekly webcast. The technical producer and cameraman are Freddie Benson. In certain episodes, Spencer appears, as well as their friend Gibby and T-Bo, their friend who owns The Groovy Smoothie. Due to Carly heading to Italy in the series final, iGoodbye, the fictional web show is now on hiatus. It was not the end of the show, Sam said, and they were just taking a break. It is possible that the web show has never been continued.

Technical producer and cameraman is the website of Carly Shay and Sam Puckett. They broadcast a webcast every week. You can find it at Technical producer and cameraman Freddie Benson is also the director of photography, which means that he has a lot of different jobs. Several episodes of the show feature Spencer, Gibby, T-Bo, the owner of The Groovy Smoothie, and their friend, Gibby. They all make cameos. Due to Carly’s move to Italy in the series finale, iGoodbye, which took place in September, the web show was put on hold for a while. Sam said that the show was not going to end and that they were just taking a break. Since then, the web show has come back as part of the new series, but on a different platform. In the show, the website was shown. It isn’t clear what happened to the website that was shown.

A social networking site called SplashFace saw the videos that Carly and Sam made for a talent show for Ms. Francine Briggs and thought of the idea for iCarly. It was a video made without Carly or Sam’s knowledge that got the most attention on the internet. In it, the two girls were making fun of their teacher Ms. Briggs.

Carly and Sam do a lot of funny sketches and have a lot of fun talking during the webcast. It also has pictures and videos that viewers have sent in, as well as guest appearances from time to time (invited and uninvited).

Episodes of the show are usually made on a regular basis, but sometimes they have to be canceled because of technical problems, Sam and Carly getting into a fight, and power outages. Before long, an attempt to set a new long-lived world record had failed, putting the record at risk (the server being down for a mere four seconds).

As soon as the webcast started, it was a huge hit. By its first year on the air with 300,000 to 500,000 viewers, sponsors and competitors like were interested, and advertisers started to pay attention to the show. When the series first came out, it was nominated for, and then won, the iWeb Awards, which were held in Japan. Before they went to Los Angeles to accept the prize, they had a lot of problems to deal with behind the scenes.

In addition, has more videos, contests, and a discussion board, as well as a live broadcast. Following the events of iWant My Website Back, Freddie finds out that the password to is Sam Loves Ham, which he uses to get into the website. Also, in the movie I Want My Website Back, it is shown that Spencer uses his credit card to pay for the domain name for his own website.

A new “iTrivia” section was added in September 2012. At the time, it was only available on the Full site, but now it’s available on all of them.

It was shut down on April 4, 2018, because Dan Schneider had left Nickelodeon. Even the Canadian version of YTV was shut down because it was a licensed site for Nickelodeon, so it had to close. The site has been sent to the show’s page on In the same way, the SamandCat website and both went down at the same time Website

iCarly website

Closeups of different parts of the iCarly website can be viewed on Freddie’s PearBooks during the show, as long as the show is on. When you look closely, you can see that the closeups on the show are not the same as the ones on the iCarly site in real life. When you look at the screenshot above, some changes have purple headers instead of orange headers, or the iCarly video player instead of the automobile on the screen.

Without giving a reason, the question is still unanswered. There are some screenshots of the iCarly website that show that it grows to fit Freddie’s 17-inch PearBook, instead of the black PearBook and desktop that can be seen in other screenshots. You can only see the red search our site button, as well as the blue button that says “Click for more information,” in the screenshot of the black PearBook. The search our site box has been moved. They say different things when you look at a screenshot of your desktop. For example, the iPics button says something different than it does in real life. The header buttons have been moved to the top of all screenshots, so you can see them. All of the screenshots show that the video is a lot bigger than it is in real life. If you look at the real-life screenshot shown above, the iCarly logo moves and has a white outline around it. This is not true in any of the screenshots here. Website

Official website for the iCarly

The website was also real. It was the official website for the iCarly TV show, and it had clips from the show, web-exclusive videos, character blogs, and links to other iCarly websites (including content referenced in episodes). When the TV show ends, Carly and Sam encourage people to go to the website and send in videos. Many of these videos were later used on the website and on the TV show. In most countries, there was a version of for their country. People in Canada, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Japan all have domain names that start with iCarly. These are names like,,,, and so on.

It used to be that when you type in most of the URLs given in episodes into your browser, you would end up on the site, but that is no longer the case. On the old site, you’ll be sent to the old iCarly site instead. That’s not what’s going on now.

Videotaped a series of talent show auditions for Ms. Francine Briggs and sent them to a social networking site called SplashFace. A video shot without Carly or Sam’s knowledge of them making fun of Ms.

Briggs generated the most online interest, and the two girls realized they had a talent for webcasting. Carly and Sam’s webcast features funny skits and debates. Photos and videos submitted by viewers, along with occasional special guests, are also presented (invited and uninvited). Website