Skip to content san francisco san francisco. There is a Guatemalan consulate in San Francisco, and its address is 659 A Merchant Street, San Francisco, California 94111. san francisco san francisco

SO, WHAT SHOULD YOU DO: Follow these steps to apply for a passport or consular identification card at a Guatemalan consulate:

1. Use the GUATEMALA CONSULAR SERVICE APPOINTMENT SYSTEM to arrange a consultation. Please note that this appointment is reserved exclusively for you, is free of charge, and is nontransferable.

2) A RENAP-issued birth certificate, in original and copy (both sides), with a CUI (Unique Identification Code) that is no more than six months old and bears the RENAP seal. o Your Most Up-to-Date Form of Photo Identification (DPI) (original and a copy of each side).

Passport renewal requires both the original and a copy of the expired or expiring passport. Do not renew your passport at any cost.

A utility or telecommunications bill that includes your current address.

5. Payment must be made via Money Order payable to the General Consulate of Guatemala, SEPARATE ONE FOR EACH PROCESS ($65.00 per passport and/or $25.00 per Consular ID) and a photocopy of the money order must be included with the application.

6. Please bring a mask and a pen that writes in blue ink to your scheduled appointment.

You need to schedule an appointment in advance, and you should arrive on time.

In order to limit the spread of COVID-19, only the interested party will be permitted entry to the consulate.

Nine, visit for more details.

The Guatemalan expat community should be aware that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Embassies and Consulates, is the only entity authorized to provide the data capture service for the issuance of personal identification documents (DPI, Passports, Card of Consular Identification). Therefore, it is advised that they NOT BE DECEIVED by dishonest individuals or organizations that seek to take advantage of their trusting nature. Requesting identification is an individual act that requires NO PROCESSORS OR MANAGERS.

Please consider the following before contacting the consulate for assistance obtaining consular documents or resolving complaints:

There is no charge for scheduled appointments. Do not, as a local citizen, consent to paying for a consular appointment.

Individuals are responsible for requesting appointments.

Appointments must be scheduled individually for each family member whose paperwork needs to be processed.

You should schedule appointments in advance so that you can avoid potentially harmful delays.

Before scheduling an appointment if you are unsure of the procedure you should handle, it is advisable to do some research online. san francisco san francisco