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where to find lundas broken cuirass

God of War Ragnarok’s Lundas Lost Armor side quest tasks Kratos with locating Lundas Broken Cuirass and the other pieces of broken armor so that they can be repaired. The Cuirass, Belt, and Bracers are all part of this ensemble. Finding this gear may seem like a simple objective, but some players need direction in finding each quest item. Maybe they were looking for the Cuirass and ended up finding the Bracers instead because they were following the wrong guide. All of Lunda’s Lost Armor only appears in one of three predetermined chests, and its appearance follows a strict pattern.

For the record, players in God of War Ragnarok won’t be able to locate Lundas Broken Cuirass at the outset of the side quest because they won’t have the Belt and Bracers yet. Therefore, these armor pieces will always be found in the same chests and in the same spawn order.

There are three chests that contain the broken pieces of Lunda’s Armor. No matter which order that God of War Ragnarok players go after the chests, the order in which of the pieces they get is fixed. The order the broken pieces are obtained is Broken Belt, Broken Bracers, and then finally Broken Cuirass. Finding all three chests is necessary to obtain Lunda’s Broken Cuirass.