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where the crawdads sing filmed

where the crawdads sing filmed. When viewers settle in for an evening with their favourite film or television show, they often wonder where the action took place, either because they’d like to travel there someday or because some of the scenery looks all too familiar.

where the crawdads sing filmed
where the crawdads sing filmed

Filming locations, be they for Emmerdale or Virgin River, are among the most sought-after pieces of information by viewers.

Fans have been wondering if the story is based on actual events.

(new window) and wondered about Kya’s ethnicity, we investigate the film’s setting, Where the Crawdads Sing.

The town of Houma, Louisiana served as the set for the movie Where the Crawdads Sing’s fictional Barkley Cove. Houma Today(opens in new tab) reports that the area was made to look like it did in the 1960s, complete with retro-style storefronts and a parade of classic cars.

Watch out for the historic St. Bernard Parish Courthouse in Chalmette, Louisiana, as Kya stands trial for Chase’s murder, as it was there that the dramatic court scenes were reportedly acted out.

The town of Barkley Cove serves as the inspiration for Where the Crawdads Sing. Separation between Kya and the local townspeople and the prejudice she faces as a “Marsh Girl” are reflected in the fictitious setting and its distinct split between urban and rural.

Does North Carolina really have a place called Barkley Cove?

North Carolina’s Barkley Cove does not exist. This coastal town in North Carolina does not exist. The town and surrounding marshes serve as the setting for the novel, but Kya spends most of her time in the wilderness.

North Carolina’s marshes near Asheville serve as the setting for Where the Crawdads Sing. Despite being next to a major thoroughfare in the vicinity of Asheville, North Carolina, they are home to one of the world’s wildest and most spectacular wetland ecosystems. About five miles to the south of Asheville in the floodplain of the French Broad River are the wetlands known as Sandy Bottom. Salamanders and turtles, both of which are in danger of extinction, are among the supposedly rare and endangered species that call this place home.

Kya’s home in the wild marshes was filmed in the wetlands on the banks of Lake Pontchartrain in the nearby towns of Mandeville and Madisonville. These parks are part of the Fontainebleau and Fairview-Riverside State Parks.

Four months were spent filming from April to July of 2021, but the production was interrupted by lightning storms, floods, and heat that tested the limits of director Olivia Newman.

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where the crawdads sing filmed
where the crawdads sing filmed