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where is my mum your dad australia filmed

No other dating series can compete with My Mum Your Dad in terms of quality. It’s a lovely show about single parents who decide to go on an adventure in search of love, only to discover that their grown children are coming along for the ride.

There will be lots of love, laughter, and, of course, some cringe-worthy moments as these kids learn things about their parents they never thought they would.

The cast, crew, and air date for the new Netflix original series My Mum Your Dad are all listed below.

Production Set in Australia for “Me, Mom, and Dad”

Filming for My Mum, Your Dad took place entirely in that country. They have not, however, disclosed where exactly this is. Dates are often held in themed, romantic locations. This necessitated extra care on the part of the creators.

Most Australian television shows have been shot in the cities of Sydney and Melbourne. The majority of Sydney’s media was produced by the Seven Network, whose studios were historically located in the suburb of Epping, on the city’s North Shore.

At first, most of Melbourne’s dramatic television came from either ABC (whose studios were at Ripponlea TV studios in Elsternwick) or Crawford Productions, a production company founded in 1945 by Hector Crawford and his sister, Dorothy, to produce radio shows. Australia’s first ever television drama was based on the Crawfords.

Australian locations are used for the filming of My Mum Your Dad. (Instagram photo)

Hollywood often travels to Australia when looking for locations. Yes, it’s all thanks to the breathtakingly beautiful landscapes that surround us, but it also has to do with the adaptability of this country.

There’s something about Australia’s outback, with its rocky desert landscapes and red dirt, that’s attractive to filmmakers. However, the locations that have attracted the attention of Hollywood location scouts demonstrate the appeal of a variety of local terrains.

In which many other dating reality shows are filmed

The city of Sydney is the setting for a popular Australian dating show. The Inner-Sydney Laneway played a significant role in the production of First Dates Australia. The restaurant’s theme is “love,” and that’s all it has to offer.

The rivals would set up a blind date in an inner Sydney laneway. The restaurant and the bar will be the focus of their inquiries. The restaurant, bar, and new breakout area are located in a converted warehouse off a lane in the heart of Sydney. The restaurant is a perfect fit for the First Dates Australia concept because of its romantic ambiance.

Federal, a coastal town in northern New South Wales just 25 minutes from the center of Byron Bay, served as the setting for another dating show, Love Island Australia.

The home sits on a beautiful acreage and looks out over the rolling hills of the Byron Bay Hinterland. You can see the total number of people who worked on the set as well as drone footage of the construction process in the photos below. We really appreciate the imaginative team’s efforts to make the luxurious home a visual feast.

It’s fascinating to get a glimpse inside the house via television and imagine the massive bedroom that the cast now occupies. Since this is the case, we can only surmise that My Mum Your Dad was shot in the same regions of Australia.