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where does sally mcneil live now

Since its debut on November 2, the show’s viewers have been captivated by the mystery surrounding Sally McNeil and her husband’s savage murder on Valentine’s Day.

In particular, viewers want to know what’s going on with Sally and her kids.

Killer Sally on Netflix marks the first time Sally, now 60 years old, has publicly discussed the shooting death of her husband Ray in 1995, an event she has consistently characterized as an act of self-defense.

Additionally, Killer Sally includes a transcript of Sally’s 911 call after she shoots Ray. Almost 30 years ago, a bodybuilder can be heard on the recording telling the operator, “I just shot my husband because he beat me up.”

Sally says of her ex-husband in the documentary, “He said that I was inferior and he was the superior bodybuilder and everything should go towards him.” “There was never a point in time when I could have been considered adequate. For some reason, I was always feeling inadequate. Ray imagined himself to be the family’s most prized possession. He was pressuring me to give up what I wanted in order to help him.”

The couple’s toxic relationship, as well as their careers, Ray’s consistent violence fueled by his use of anabolic steroids, and Sally’s eventual sentence of 25 years in prison for second-degree murder, are all covered in the three-part documentary.

The play also analyzes Ray’s mistreatment of Sally’s children from her first marriage to Anthony Lowden. Additionally, Shantina and John, both now in their late thirties, speak openly about the abuse in the documentary.

In 1996, a jury found Sally guilty of second-degree murder and she was given a 25-year prison term. Reportedly living in Northern California and working as a warehouse clerk, she was released from prison in the year 2020.

She met her current husband, Norfleet Stewart, at a meeting for ex-offenders shortly after her release from prison.

Lowden children Shantina (12) and John (9) were only children when their mother was incarcerated. Right away, they were placed in a care facility, but eventually they were able to return to live with their mom’s parents.