We got Blocked on Pinterest .. Yikes .. Need little Help


Update: We were reinstated on Pinterest ..  Thank you every one who supported us, and thank you pinterest team


This is really unfortunate but we got blocked on pinterest, this means any pinner who finds pin from this site nice and wants to visit this site content from pinterest will not be allowed to do so, Sounds bad !

We were on pinterest for more then a year almost 2 years in fact, and pinners were loving our stuff, they were sharing, liking and repinning.

But suddenly they decided to block our website on pinterest because some pinners reported we were spam which we never did, not even once during this whole time, nor our site contains any kind of spammy content, we work hard finding best content which users will love, my heartiest wish is to see Pinterest Community the best one , where people could share, save the stuff they like (i really love pinterest community, it’s easy and so fun to collect the things you love).

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But in this specific case i believe that some pinners have grouped and reported my site intentionally just to remove us from pinterest as they might be seeing us as competition, as far as my response to the is concerned i would never do such a thing nor we could even think of this.

Here is the email reply which i got from Pinterest Support Center

pinterest support email


and BTW here is the email that i sent

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My email


I do believe that they just gave a quick look to this case and not even scratched the surface else things would have been much clearer.

So all i need from you is to just take 2 minutes to contact pinterest, just ask them to re-consider their decision and give a good look to this case for once, i think this might help us, it is not only about our site, but this group of pinners might be looking to their next target and it would really make this amazing pinterest community undervalue.

FYI there were few other good sites which were also blocked mistakenly then they were unblocked

your modern family blog

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Ashbee Design Blog




So take your 2 minutes to email pinterest and keep this community going up.

follow this link


Make sure you have logged in “look at top right of site”

I think you should select option “Reporting a Pin/Pinner” from field “I have a question about… *”

then select “Spam” in “

then click the button below

“i still need help” red button


Give title “genuine website got blocked” or something like it

and give description and fill other fields.

Hopefully this will help us and also would keep pinning community thriving



thank you for your time.


We will keep sharing good stuff 🙂

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