Skip to content Review Review: TurboTax has made it ridiculously complicated to seek out the particular free part of the service — even ensuring to cover it from Google results — but Minhaj explains that “IRS Free File Program Delivered by TurboTax” is the free one, while “Intuit TurboTax Free Edition” is, despite the name, the not-free one. And this deception has, of course, made TurboTax plenty of cash over the years. Review Review

TurboTax used this same trick when the IRS agreed to permit the corporate to assist people to get their coronavirus stimulus checks earlier this year too — and yes, they made any money from it. One would think the IRS would fight back against this, but its power has been stripped down such a lot over the past decade that it “doesn’t have the cash or manpower to travel toe-to-toe with the tax-prep industry,” Review Review

Last year, Intuit registered many domain names defensively as reports surfaced about its nefarious tactics with TurboTax. It had lobbied the govt to not make its own tax filing software by offering to supply a free option. Then it hid its free option from being indexed by Google, including blocking it. Intuit registered domains such as f*,, and to prevent people to attack the domains. Review Review

Such protective registration drills, I have long argued, are pointless. When someone wants to record a negative word with a brand in it, the options are limitless. Here’s a case: was skipped by Intuit. Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj created an internet site using the domain. It calls attention to the free file options that tax prep companies attempt to hide.

Perhaps the foremost egregious of all the misleading tax prep websites is TurboTax, which features a documented history of advertising “free” filing products that then hamstring unsuspecting customers into ponying up extra cash for bells and whistles they don’t actually get to submit their tax returns. Review Review

But, despite them having been called out, there’s little or no anyone seems to be ready to do about TurboTax’s misleading greed goblins. In a recent episode of the Patriot Act on Netflix Hasan Minhaj briefly introduced the furious reality, which also contained a relatively smart message: the development of, an online site that is named after it.