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Trulocal review

Trulocal review: TruLOCAL may be a monthly meat delivery service in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. Buying the simplest local products from farmers and butchers doesn’t need to be hard, but it is often if you don’t know which places to travel to or trust, you’ll just default to your usual grocery.

Trulocal review
Trulocal review

I love supporting local farmers and butchers, but sometimes it’s a touch out of the thanks to going straight to the source. As I’m from BC, they source their products from places like Organic Ocean Seafood, Farmcrest Farms, Two Rivers, Hopcott Farms, and Georels Bone Broth, among many others. I used to be ready to enjoy a couple of my favorite local producers and discovered a couple of new ones. All the suppliers are very transparent about their processes and the way they raise their animals and it’s now more important than ever.


The box is delivered straight to your door in refrigerated coolers therefore the items inside stay frozen until you get home. Inside each box may be a brick solid, so it’s very very cold. It stays very cold up into the late evenings, so if you don’t click around 5 pm, you’ve got nothing to stress about. Everything inside will stay very frozen. They can deliver to houses, apartments, offices, or maybe the gym. Just provide detailed instructions in order that they know what to try to do once they arrive.

What’s within the box?

Inside the box are all the meats that you simply ordered for the month also because they are solid, so take care handling it because it is extremely cold. you’ll choose a little box or a regular box for the month. Each portion of meat is individually packaged so you’ll easily throw this into your freezer and defrost each item as you would like.

Trulocal review
Trulocal review

8 boneless/skinless chicken breasts

1 package of chicken breakfast sausage rounds

2 packages of boneless/skinless chicken thighs

1 package of bone in, skin on chicken breasts

3 packages of grass-fed hamburger

3 packages of grass-fed beefsteak

2 top sirloin steaks

2 packages of nitrate and sugar-free bacon (mmmm…bacon)

When I added this up in my head of what we usually spend and my time, the worth right there was definitely worthwhile. Quick math, it comes bent $56 every week. the youngsters and that I also had an excellent time playing scientist and using the solid for a spread of “experiments” 🙂 #bonus

Lastly, truLOCAL now includes recipe cards whenever you order. they’re delicious, super simple to form with step-by-step instructions, they’re seasonal and holiday-themed. No guessing when it involves meal prep time!


The small box comes with up to 18 individual portions for $125 with free delivery. this is often best for one individual. The regular box with 40 individual portions for $249 with free delivery also and is meant for 2+ people. You can pause, skip or cancel at any time if you would like an opportunity if you’re on vacation or whatever else comes up. It’s very flexible, so you only got to make changes to your account to form sure it’s reflected.

Trulocal review
Trulocal review


We got a variety of seafood, sausage, pork, beef, and poultry in our box and used it all up over a span of a month. We mostly had meats for dinner. the standard was pretty good and everything we had contained tons of flavor albeit most of the time we just used salt and pepper to season.

Their meats are quality! they provide meats freed from antibiotics and hormones, coming from free-range animals. this suggests the animals have room to roam around and obtain exercise at local farms. They also do have a spread of grass-fed options for their beef cuts. I really like the thought that the fish (although I didn’t choose any at this point around) is wild caught rather than coming from fish farms.

This was super important to me. All the meats are super fresh and therefore the packages are all vacuum sealed and individually packaged and aren’t susceptible to freezer burn! Currently, they provide both grass-fed & corn-finished beef, grass-fed & grass-finished beef, grain-fed chicken, grass-fed chicken, vegetable-fed pork, grass-fed lamb & buffalo, and wild-caught fish!

CONVENIENCE: The box arrives with all of the meat frozen + solid. You don’t need to attend the store/butcher/farms, or look out for sales to urge the simplest prices…they deliver it right to you, and all you’ve got to try to do is put it right into the freezer. I just think this is often such a lot easier than trying to stress about buying various things every week!

Trulocal review
Trulocal review

LOCAL: truLocal has already sourced all meat products locally within Ontario. Everybody wants to buy and support local but it is often a challenge. we will now buy great products all from one place from amazing farmers and know where it’s coming from.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we were really impressed with truLOCAL and therefore the prices are fair for the convenience as well as the ability to support local farmers and producers. Their subscription service is extremely flexible and straightforward to pause and begin again whenever you would like to. It was very convenient to whip out a meal knowing I always have some meat within the freezer to use later in the evening.