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ticketmaster error code 0011

ticketmaster error code 0011. What causes the 0011 error? There may be a number of factors that have led to this error, including a malfunctioning server, a cookie that has been corrupted, VPN or Proxy interference, etc. As such, how do you rectify Ticketmaster error 0011? The three approaches listed below can be tried in any order.

ticketmaster error code 0011
ticketmaster error code 0011

One Approach: Verify the Server’s Status

If you’re having trouble buying tickets through TicketMaster, the first thing you should do is see if there are any server issues. In order to determine if your problem is unique or if other people in your area are also having trouble with the service, you can use a tool like DownDetector or IsItDownRightNow, regardless of whether you believe in this method.

Method 2: Delete Temporary Internet Files

It has been suggested by some users who have encountered Ticketmaster error code 0011 that this problem is due to tainted cookies in the user’s web browser. In such a case, erasing the cache of your web browser may help. What should I do? If you need help, take a look at this post on how to delete cookies in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

You can try buying tickets from Ticketmaster again after clearing your browser’s cache to see if the 0011 error no longer appears.

As a Third Option, Switch to Private Browsing

Furthermore, TicketMaster is notoriously unforgiving of add-ons and plugins, particularly those designed for Google Chrome. To see if the Ticketmaster error code 0011 disappears, switch to incognito mode in your browser. With Incognito mode enabled, you can use Chrome without installing any add-ons or enabling any features that aren’t part of the core set.

Finally, a guide to Incognito mode and its many benefits. If you’re interested in learning how to toggle Incognito Mode in Chrome and Firefox, check out this post.

The Fourth Approach: Turn Off Your VPN or Proxy

TicketMaster may deny your connection if you attempt to use a proxy server or a VPN client at the system level. In such a case, disabling the VPN or Proxy service is required. To accomplish that, just do as I say below:

ticketmaster error code 0011
ticketmaster error code 0011