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In fact, Walker stood out even amid a field of Trump-backed GOP candidates who lost votes (and likely crucial seats) for their party.

The former football star is currently almost three points behind Senator Raphael G. Warnock (D-Ga) (up from a one-point deficit on Election Day). It’s a stark contrast to the eight other statewide Republican candidates in Georgia who all won last month. Each victorious team had a margin of victory of at least five points, with the average being over seven.

Walker lost support from conservatives in the Atlanta region when they weren’t on the ballot with him. Twelve of the fifteen counties where Walker’s raw number of votes dropped the most between November 8 and Tuesday were either in the city of Atlanta or in its suburbs and exurbs.

It’s not a fluke that Walker did worse than Kemp here in this region of the state. When there were two candidates in Georgia’s gubernatorial race, voters were hesitant to cast their ballots. This cost him a lot of support, and he lost it.

Walker’s final margin in Georgia was 10 points higher than that of fellow Republican ticket-mates like Kemp, making it one of the largest disparities between the success of a Trump-backed candidate and their fellow nominees. Republican statewide candidates in Arizona and Nevada for the Senate, and Republican gubernatorial candidates in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, all performed worse than Walker.