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tawkify reviews

tawkify reviews. So, tell me, what’s the scoop with Tawkify?

tawkify reviews
tawkify reviews

Tawkify, which bills itself as “the antidote to dating site fatigue,” is an online dating service that employs actual human matchmakers rather than automated software to find compatible partners for its users.

If you’re familiar with online dating apps, how does it stack up?

Is it a fair price to pay?

We’ve combed through Tawkify testimonials and member comments to bring you this comprehensive list of the app’s benefits and drawbacks.

Cost-wise, how much does Tawkify entail?

The following prices are subject to change as Tawkify does not list all prices on their site and indicates that prices vary depending on the city you are located in and any applicable promotions.

Signing up as a Tawkify Matchmaker Member costs $99 per year, and it adds your profile to the database pool; however, it does not assign you a personal matchmaker. To put it simply, Tawkify will try to pair you up with a suitable member of their community.

About $500 per month (plus the price of the date) is what it costs for a Tawkify Matchmaker client to have their own personal matchmaker do the legwork for them. You can expect at least one date per month if you’re a paying customer.

CONS Dislikes of Tawkify’s Matchmaking Service Your Tawkify date won’t have a profile or any photos up until you two actually meet in person. Those of us who can’t decide on laundry detergent without consulting the internet may find this startling.

Extensive action Clients who joined the database but didn’t pay for a matchmaker said they waited months before getting a single date.

To deal with managing expectations People who use Tawkify pay a significant sum compared to those who use free dating apps, and they fill out extensive questionnaires about their ideal partner. Therefore, users have incredibly high standards for compatibility. If you come into this process expecting unicorns, you’re likely to be disappointed. However, you are still you, and the other Tawkify members are still humans. It’s possible that Tawkify matches will annoy you, especially if you have a long list of physical characteristics that are deal breakers for you (and they with you).

tawkify reviews
tawkify reviews