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Stackmaster Cookware Review

Stackmaster Cookware Review: The Gotham Steel Stackmaster cooking set promises to assist you to reclaim your cabinet space with a ten-piece set of stackable cookware. the gathering is meant to stack together without scratching for efficient storage and convenient cooking on the stovetop or within the oven. Is this cookware set one worth investing in? Learn from our review whether you ought to consider adding it to your kitchen.

Stackmaster Cookware Review
Stackmaster Cookware Review


  • Non-toxic nonstick surface
  • Made from durable aluminum
  • Lids are interchangeable within the set


  • Slow shipping time
  • The set could be cumbersome to tug out and restack without all pieces
  • You might not be ready to get in-tuned with customer service
  • What Comes with a Gotham Steel Stackmaster Purchase?
  • When you purchase the complete Gotham Steel Stackmaster depart the corporate website, it comes

With the subsequent items:

  • 8″ fry pan
  • 10″ skillet
  • 2.75 qt saucepan (with lid)
  • 3.5 qt saucepan (with lid)
  • 3.75 qt saute pan (with lid)
  • 5 qt stockpot (with lid)
  • Your purchase will likely include the subsequent bonus items also.
  • Basket Fryer
  • Veggie Steamer
  • 5-piece utensils set
  • Each piece within the original set is meant to stack together into a sturdy column, lids included. The bonus items may have to be stored separately.
Stackmaster Cookware Review
Stackmaster Cookware Review

How Does Gotham Steel Stackmaster Work?

Each piece of cookware within the Stackmaster set is meant to stack vertically without scratching the pots and pans below. While this method will likely assist you to consolidate space in your kitchen, the foremost significant caveat seems to be that the pieces will only stack together a method. this suggests that you simply will get to upend the entire stack if you would like to use the pot within the middle.

For those working in a tight space, maneuvering pots and pans around to access what you would like might get cumbersome. It also means you’ll struggle to stack the remainder of the set if one or more pieces are dirty or in use. Regarding functionality, this set is meant to be used on both the stove and within the oven. the corporate states that the set can safely be used at temperatures up to 500 degrees.

Each piece purportedly uses heating to cook food evenly. This heating method makes it possible to quickly heat small areas quickly and evenly a benefit when cooking on a stovetop. you’ll use it with electric, gas, and induction stoves. Each piece within the set is taken into account as dishwasher safe, and therefore the three included tempered glass lids are often used interchangeably between every pot, pan, and skillet.

About the Gotham Non-Stick Surface

Gotham Steel claims that every piece of Stackmaster cookware features a tough finish that’s safe to be used with metal utensils and can delay against scratches. Each cooking surface features a nonstick coating and is reinforced with ceramic and titanium. the thought is that you simply don’t need to cook with butter or oil to stay things from sticking, which makes it possible to serve a lower-fat, lower-calorie final product.

Stackmaster Cookware Review
Stackmaster Cookware Review

Titanium may be a popular choice for cookware because it’s both lightweight and powerful. It’s often mixed with ceramic to spice up its strength. Together, this mix is acid-resistant and not susceptible to corroding, which suggests that it rarely gets scratched during regular use and consequently won’t release material from the cookware into your food. Even if small amounts would peel off, the metal isn’t known to possess any harmful effects on humans. This makes it a safer choice than other sorts of non-stick cookware, like Teflon.

Paid Reviews

The biggest issue with the Gotham Steel Stackmaster is that the manufacturer has successfully garnered quite 180 reviews out of which 70% of the reviews are 5-star paid reviews. Several users who purchased the Gotham Steel Stackmaster set complained that they were drawn to all the 5-star reviews on Amazon. there’s absolutely nothing “5-star” about the Gotham Steel Stackmaster.

Reviewers warn potential buyers to remember the paid reviews and not get sucked in. The 1 and a couple of star reviews reveal the true nature of the Gotham Steel Stackmaster pans, users say. One reviewer explains how the manufacturer of the Gotham Steel Stackmaster has suppressed the first negative reviews with a flood of glaring positive ones.

Gotham Steel isn’t a Reputed Brand

One reviewer cautions buyers, he says in his review, “Gotham Steel, the” Stackmaster “manufacturer of stackable pots and pans, is not a reputable brand. It is not known to produce quality kitchen products like other well-known brands. But before you spend $200 on these stackable stoves from the “as seen on TV” business, you should investigate if there is another branded and more reliable business.

Stackmaster Cookware Review
Stackmaster Cookware Review

The Verdict of Gotham Metal Stackmaster

Based on the feedback we have received, we can confidently say that Gotham Steel Stackmaster is not worth at least $200.The manufacturer has manipulated the Amazon rating by publishing positive reviews and therefore the Gotham Steel Stackmaster has 4.4-star ratings out of 5.

The question you would ask is, “Is Gotham Steel Stackmaster the only stackable pots and pans out there? “There is no solution. There are more tried-and-tested stackable pans out there on the market, even though they’re not marketed on TV much like the Gotham Steel Stackmaster. T-fal, Calphalon, Rachael Ray, and Farberware are reliable alternatives to the Gotham Steel Stackmaster.