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sitas consulares .com

First, you can access the dating platform from any device with an internet connection, including a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer; however, we advise using a computer to schedule your meeting.

The second step is to go online and visit the website to schedule an appointment.

The third step is to select Europe and then either the Barcelona or Madrid Consular Office from the list of Spanish locations to schedule an appointment.

In the fourth step, you’ll see a list of the different types of procedures available to you, along with the Consulate documents that correspond to them. To accommodate the high volume of daily passport applications and notarial acts, appointments are required for each and every document (the latter require stamps).

Select the type of procedure you wish to have done, and a new page will load with all the information you’ll need to provide for that procedure. When you’re done, you’ll see a button that says something like, “yes, you comply with all the requirements click here,” and then you’ll be able to click “CONTINUE.”