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Shurah pewarna rambut review

Shurah pewarna rambut review: Today, I’m gonna be reviewing a hair coloring from Shurah. I ordered the ‘Perwarna Rambut Shurah’ in shade 03 Burgundy. Actually, I wanted to dye my hair so badly an extended time ago but I actually thought that those commercialized hair coloring products will do damage to my hair, plus a number of the products will coat your hair strands in order that they are kinda waterproof thus you cannot really perform solah with them on.

Shurah pewarna rambut review
Shurah pewarna rambut review

Previously, I had colored my hair crimson at some random hair salon, and I remembered that I paid almost MYR 300 for that! My hair was still damaged from all the chemicals tho. LMAO. O_O So I assume henna-based products are going to be sufficient enough on my behalf of me since I’m a full-time hijab wearer and also to avoid any permanent hair damage. I went for Shurah since it had been the sole henna-based product within the market at that moment.

So, I got the merchandise from an area drugstore for MYR 17++, and I noticed that Watson and Guardian don’t really stock any of Shurah products. My hair is extremely thin and is shoulder-length so one box is really enough on my behalf of me. you would possibly want to shop for an additional box if your hair is thicker and longer.

  • Milk activator 60 ml
  • Hair color cream 40 g
  • Hair moisturizer 20 ml (which is surprisingly good)
  • 2 plastic gloves

The Instruction :

Mix and stir all of the activator and hair color cream together in a bowl until the color appears really nicely. The instruction that comes with it says that you simply need to mix and shake it within the activator bottle. IMO stirring it in a bowl with a spoon will make the consistency better.

Shurah pewarna rambut review
Shurah pewarna rambut review

Start coloring from the rock bottom layer of your hair. confirm that the roots are given more attention.
Let it stay for quite an hour. I like to recommend you guys attend for two hours. I even have read around the net about the instruction.

Extra stuff that you simply got to start :

  • A clean bowl (wear and tear cuz the color will stick permanently)
  • A plastic spoon to stir the mixture.
  • A plastic cap.
  • A thin comb.
  • A shirt that you simply hate lol cuz it’s gonna be messy.

Most of them claimed that 20 to 40 minutes aren’t sufficient enough to urge an honest coloring. So I went for quite an hour.. exactly one and a half. After 1 to 2 hours, rinse your hair until there’s no product excess left on your hair. confirm it’s clean enough so it won’t stain. Use the moisturizer provided. (Or any of your own)

Verdict :

So for me, the color doesn’t become my desired burgundy or maybe appear as if the model’s hair is on the box. it’s more sort of a dark copper with a touch of purple on my coal-black hair. and that I didn’t roll in the hay myself (my husband helped to place it on me and he knew nothing about hair coloring lol) so a number of the spots aren’t dyed perfectly. I got it good on my roots but not on the rock bottom length of my hair lmao. Honestly, it’s sort of a reverse ombre-style with copper on the highest and dark brown on rock bottom length.

Shurah pewarna rambut review
Shurah pewarna rambut review

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Shurah pewarna rambut review
Shurah pewarna rambut review

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