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regal northtown mall reviews 883

regal northtown mall reviews 883. Where can I find the best reviews for the Northtown Malls?

regal northtown mall reviews 883
regal northtown mall reviews 883

The reviews for the Regal Northtown mall have been very favorable. The theater put on an excellent show. According to reviews on Google, 13,326 people have given the theater an average rating of 4.9 stars. The reviews for Royal Northtown Mall have averaged 7.7 out of 10.

In what ways will the luxury department store Northtown Mall delight its clientele?

Reviews for the Northtown Mall location of Regal Cinemas rave about the excellent picture and sound quality, as well as the plush seating. The restrooms are spotless, and there are no sticky floors anywhere in the building.

The staff at the Regal Northtown mall in Toronto is very welcoming. While waiting for the show to start, kids and their parents can enjoy some time together in the play area. The movie theater concession stand is known for its speed and low prices. Both of them have great service for their customers. Since there is no time limit on movie viewing with the monthly plan, you can watch as many movies as you want without worrying about overages.

How does royal Cinemas in city Valley rate in the eyes of the general public?

There are 1,537 reviews on Google, with most giving it 4 or 5 stars but many others giving it 3 stars, 2 stars, or even 1 star. to four hundred eleven, with seven in favor of the reviews. 9/10 on Foursquare, with a few individuals giving it a 3. No stars for the schedule.

The venue was well received by the guests. Because the restrooms were so spotless, customers felt more comfortable petting the helpful and pleasant staff. shoppers liked the variety of food options and the ease of finding parking spots.

In light of the recent downturn at the Royal Cinemas in the city, what advice would you give the management?

Some negative reviews can be found among the many positive ones. Some think the performing arts could do better if given a chance. There were a lot of complaints about how long it took to get tickets at the concession stands. They also noted that even purchasing tickets in advance online would not alleviate the wait time.

Several audience members complained about how hard the seats were and expressed a desire for more comfortable reclining seats. The audience thought the theater needed to upgrade its equipment because the images lacked contrast and were too dark.

regal northtown mall reviews 883
regal northtown mall reviews 883