Skip to content Scam Scam: Readyvbucks is yet one more Fortnite data harvest scam to focus on children and naive passersby with their empty promises of free v-bucks. There are actually countless apps, websites, and email scams that supply free v-bucks, Fortnite’s store currency used for purchasing skins and other cosmetic items. Scam Scam

Online fronts like Readyvbucks offer free currency to ensnare visitors to offer up personal information, and a few are more malicious than others. Viruses, phishing, and even MasterCard fraud are a number of the more nefarious goings on during this dark side of the colorful and cartoony world of Fortnite. Scam Scam

Is Readyvbucks a Scam?

According to website digs, reviews, Reddit, and other research, Readyvbucks may be a website that was established just over one month ago. New sites like this may appear all of the time, so this is often not surprising. While online scams that focus on a liberal-to-play model are nothing new when handling the colossal scale of revenue that Fortnite brings in annually, the potential pool for fraud and deceit is large. Scam Scam

Not only do these websites and apps target children, but they also attempt to influence the content creators that have attended have children as an audience and live viewers. YouTube content creator and streamer Drift0r has highlighted the predatory nature of those companies, including the quantity of cash he himself has been offered (and turned down) to market websites and apps like Readyvbucks. Scam Scam

Fortnite players spend over $200 million a month on V-bucks and content in-game, and therefore the market is ripe for predators to require advantage of young players with access to mom and dad’s Mastercard. make certain to only purchase V-bucks from official channels and stay beyond any offers offering anything for “free.”