Skip to content Hack Hack Hack: Great site for ripping away! The ideal website for Robux/limiting poison and moderators to get scammed! The sellers are 90 poisons and rbx transactions. Send phishing links to people’s emails for scams. Hackers stole the data from the RBX. Place grey marketplace where players of the famous Roblox online game can sell real money in-game products from the database obtained from Motherboard. Scrambled moderators scramble while a midway. Hack

The data contains the addresses of e-mail, transactions, and hashed passwords. The hacker that provided the Motherboard database is the same hacker that previously rubbed an insider from Roblox to access user data. They said they got the data from another person who compromised the site, RBX.Place.

“Roblox would have a field day with this database because USD selling ain’t allowed anyway,” said the hacker in an online chat to Motherboard. The statistics are released since 2018.

In order to gain comment from the website, Motherboard contacted RBX. Place’s staff member. This staff member guided the website owner to the Motherboard; the owner cannot be contacted for comment from Motherboard. Hack