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Puronics Review

Puronics Review

Puronics Review

Puronics may be a water treatment equipment manufacturer with headquarters in Livermore, California. They first began as Ionics Consumer Water Products Group in 1947. Since then, they’ve undergone some pretty big changes in ownership. In 2005, they were purchased by GE Water and Process Technologies. Then, in 2006, they became their own separate company, changing the name from Ionics to Puronics.

And that seems to possess figured out . Today, they serve variety of popular commercial clients like Hilton, AMD, FedEx, OutBack Steakhouse, and PF Chang’s.

Puronics Review

If they’re ok for such large commercial homes, surely they’re ok for your home, right?

Well, maybe. the truth is that, within the same way that restaurants need a special refrigerator than you, you almost certainly don’t need an equivalent water softening unit as them.

Puronics, however, does supply consumers with both commercial and residential products, therefore the Hydronex could be right for you.

Puronics Hydronex Cost
Instead of listing the value of the system, you’ll find a button to “Request a Free Quote.” Sometimes, the free quote leads to a reduced price. Sometimes, the salesmen will say, “You don’t need the Puronics Hydronex system since your municipal water hasn’t been dechlorinated. You’re happier going with one among our other, cheaper systems that don’t have SilverShield Hygiene.”

Puronics Review

But, if the difference for that salesman may be a take-home commission of $500 versus $100, he might just attempt to convince you to shop for the costlier system (the one that you simply don’t actually need — albeit you don’t know that). That’s just the character of the beast when it involves sales, which is why it pays to be the foremost informed consumer you’ll be.

But when an internet site doesn’t list the value of the system, that’s a significant impediment to your knowledge as a consumer.

What Are People Saying about Puronics?
On Consumer Affairs, Puronics features a 3 star average supported a touch over 50 reviews.

On Yelp, Puronics features a 4 star average supported 65 reviews.

Usually, the foremost illuminating reviews are those that are 1-star. That’s where you discover out what the corporate is doing incorrectly (or if the typical 1-star reviewer is simply a touch of a dimwit).

Puronics Review

Unfortunately, tons of the reviews confirm exactly what we were suspicious of within the first place: salesmen making inappropriate quotes so as to sell costlier systems. Take, for instance , one among the foremost popular reviews on Consumer Affairs.

“A sales agent came into our home and tested my water, we were informed that we had cancer-causing agents in our water and within the neighorhood. I even have a brother who was battling with cancer during this point , who would say things like this to sell a product? We weren’t shown a contract, quoted a price different from what we were charged, also told that we had 7-10 days to chance our minds. Now we’ve a lawyer and a lien against our property. this is often fraud, and deceptive trade.”

Another was quoted $7600 for the system at 8PM in the dark , and told that she had to form a choice right then and there by the salesperson .

The reviews on Yelp, however, are very different, with an inexpensive response from a Business Manager of Puronics for almost every one-star review, which complain about things as silly because the company’s drivers (which sounds, to us, like nothing quite some guy getting stop in traffic by a Puronics truck).

Still, most water softeners cost only $400-$4000, even for the foremost expensive, top-of-the-line products and professional installation. Unless you’ve got severe problems together with your water, you shouldn’t be paying nearly $8000 just to require care of some water issues.

Puronics Review

Conclusion: Puronics softener Review
The Puronics Hydronex may be a top-of-the-line system, but it, unfortunately, comes with top-of-the-line costs, as well.

Most of the critical reviews — especially the critical reviews that folks found most helpful — on Consumer Affairs and Yelp complain about pushy salesmen and unfair quotes. Under no circumstances should a salesman force you to form a choice on the spot, because which will only benefit the salesperson , within the end of the day . In fact, it’d not even be something that the corporate wants to happen within the first place.

Regardless, there’s evidence that, at Puronics, it does happen — and it happens even when they’re selling the foremost expensive systems.

Is the Puronics Hydronex well worth the cost? Probably not. only a few water softeners are worth $8000, and a few of these people weren’t even being quoted for installation.

If you would like to see out another systems, take a glance at ours. they are available with a satisfaction guarantee and lifelong warranty, and that they use template assisted crystallization rather than natural process , which suggests no salt and no maintenance.

Puronics Review