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Ooni Fyra Review

Ooni Fyra Review: The Ooni Fyra is meant in order that absolutely anyone can create quality pizza with juicy, intense flavors. It’s an ideal selection for busy individuals who don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen but want to enjoy a home-cooked meal. The oven itself is prepared to travel in a quarter-hour and cooks authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas in just 60 seconds.

Ooni Fyra Review
Ooni Fyra Review

Like, if you’re someone who hosts large gatherings often, you would like this oven in your backyard. With its fast cooking speeds, it’ll confirm none of your guests go hungry! Not only does it cook pizza quickly, but it also blends in nicely with all surroundings.

At first, the preheating might take long but really, a quarter-hour isn’t that tough to attend for. you’ll prepare a minimum of two pizzas before the oven heats up. But once the Ooni Fyra does heat up, you better get cracking and stay alert. the facility that it produces is extremely great that you simply can cook a pizza in only 45 seconds or maybe less.

Once the oven heats up, you’ll experience the convenience of users directly, the door that you simply can hang at the rock bottom front of the oven is basically handy. You would not get to place it on the table or other places that you simply might forget once in a while. All you would like is to open the oven, hook the door, and place your pizza within the oven.


  • Viewing window
  • Tall hopper
  • Fuel efficient
  • Ooni Essentials Guide included
Ooni Fyra Review
Ooni Fyra Review


  • Not gas compatible

The peephole is additionally helpful so you’ll see whether you would like to feature more pellets or not without opening the doors of the oven. Once you set your pizza in, you’ll close the door for max heat retention. note that you simply got to move your pizza around every 5-10 seconds.

The Ooni Fyra is so powerful; that it can burn your pizza if you allow it unattended for just a couple of seconds. So it’s still up to the user to urge that evenly cooked side of the pizza. As for the crust, the fast-cooking capability of the oven makes it crispy on the surface with a chewy inside crust.

Refueling the Ooni Fyra isn’t that tough. there’s an additional pellet hopper cop that comes with the merchandise and it also is a pellet scoop. You can get the wood pellets using the cap and easily drop them on the pellet hopper. One full load of the pellet hopper can last for up to twenty minutes and keeps the oven burning.

Ooni Fyra Review
Ooni Fyra Review

The cordierite baking stone really does its job and cooks rock bottom of the pizza at a good rate. It also heats up in no time and retains the warmth for an extended time. Cleaning the Ooni Fyra isn’t that big of trouble also, the cordierite baking stone is often flipped over and used on the opposite side. While one side is cooking the pizza, the opposite is heated to pyrolyze the food bits left thereon. So what the Ooni Fyra really does is it cleans itself with the utilization of the powerful heat it contains.

The ashes from the wood pellets also can be easily removed through the vent. you’ll get them entirely with just a couple of brush-offs. As for the warmth it produces, the Ooni Fyra can only go right down to 750 degrees Fahrenheit for the oven to retain the warmth so you’re limited to recipes that need that quantity of warmth. Any recipe that requires lower heat might find yourself getting burned within the Ooni Fyra so a note of that and confirm to only put recipes that need that much power when being cooked.


For most people that are trying to find an oven that will even pizzas that are even better than those that you simply order from restaurants, consider Ooni Fyra. It is a tremendous, portable, wood-fired oven that will cook incredible Neapolitan-style Pizzas in only a brief period of your time.

Ooni Fyra Review
Ooni Fyra Review

The Ooni Fyra may be a very small pizza oven, but don’t get fooled by the dimensions because it produces more power than your average indoor oven. It is very lightweight which suggests that you simply can bring it in campings and Ooni even does a far better job by saying that the carry bags of the Ooni Fyra are going to be included in your purchase.

You can also read up more on how this pizza oven compared with the opposite Ooni Pizza Ovens just like the Ooni Pro, Ooni Koda, Ooni Karu, and therefore the Ooni Koda 16 just in case you’re having any confusion among these pizza ovens. Ooni Pizza Ovens are always of great quality and therefore the features on these ovens are just improving by the day.

Our Verdict

Upon purchase, you’ll receive the Ooni Fyra Pizza Oven, a stone baking board, users manual, and an Essentials Guide crammed with tips and attractive recipes. If you’re conditionally fascinated together with your purchase, don’t worry, as you’ll easily return within 60 days for an entire refund.