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ohio state beat michigan meme

ohio state beat michigan meme The Ohio State beating Michigan meme is a popular meme that is often used to troll Michigan fans. The meme typically features a picture of the Ohio State Buckeyes football team beating the Michigan Wolverines, with the caption “Ohio State beat Michigan.”

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Ohio State may have beaten Michigan in a particular game or event, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are better overall.

Has Ohio State ever beat Michigan?

Since 2000, Ohio State has won 8 consecutive games against Michigan at Ohio Stadium. The Buckeyes have a 39-28-2 lead in the series dating back to 1951, when Woody Hayes became Ohio State’s head coach.

It’s great to see Coach Harbaugh’s efforts being rewarded with another bonus for winning the Big Ten East Division title. This just goes to show that his hard work and dedication to the team are paying off. Keep up the good work, Coach!

What was the score of the Ohio State Michigan game in 2013

The Ohio State Buckeyes had a great season, finishing 12-0 and defeating Michigan in The Game. However, they lost in the Big Ten Championship Game and the Orange Bowl, finishing the season ranked No. 10 in the Coaches’ Poll and No. 11 in the AP Poll.

The Michigan–Ohio State football rivalry is one of the most storied rivalries in all of college football. The two teams have been playing each other since 1897 and have met a total of 117 times. Michigan currently leads the all-time series 60–51–6. The two teams have played each other every year since 1918 and the rivalry is widely considered to be one of the best in all of sports.

Did OSU beat Michigan in 2007?

Chris “Beanie” Wells is one of the best running backs in the country and he showed it again today against Michigan. He scored both of Ohio State’s touchdowns in their 14-3 victory and he was all smiles after the game. He’s a great player and a great person and it was great to see him succeed today.

The Wolverines lead the all-time series 59-51-6, following their 2021 victory over the Buckeyes. This was the Wolverines’ first victory over the Buckeyes since 2013, and it ended an eight-game losing streak to their rivals. The Wolverines were dominant in this game, winning 45-27. This is a huge win for the program, and it will give them a lot of momentum going into the offseason.

What is the biggest rivalry in college football?

There are many rivalries in college football. Some of the top rivalries arePittsburgh-West Virginia, Oklahoma-Oklahoma State, USC-UCLA, Clemson-South Carolina, Ole Miss-Mississippi State, and Georgia-Florida.

The Gold Pants are a popular item among Ohio State fans, and it’s not surprising that they would be sold for a high price at a pawn shop. However, it’s important to note that the value of the pants may be higher than what was paid for them on the show. It’s possible that the pawn shop owners were not familiar with the value of the pants, or that they were simply trying to get a good deal. Either way, the sale of the pants is a testament to the popularity of the show and the high prices that can be fetched for items on it.

How much is Jim Harbaugh bonus

Harbaugh’s reworked contract with Michigan included a $1 million bonus for winning a second consecutive Big Ten championship, which was achieved in 2019. This is a great accomplishment for the coach and the team, and it is well-deserved. Keep up the good work!

As a head coach, Jim Harbaugh has not had much success against Ohio State. He was a star quarterback in Ann Arbor and won many games, including a perfect 2-0 as the starter against the Buckeyes. However, as a head coach, that has not been the case.

Who won the 2015 Ohio State Michigan game?

Ohio State cruised to their 4th straight win over Michigan with a dominating performance. The Buckeyes offense was too much for the Wolverines, led by quarterback Justin Fields, who accounted for 5 touchdowns. The Michigan defense had no answer for Ohio State, who controlled the game from start to finish.

The 1973 Ohio State vs Michigan football game was a matchup of undefeated teams. The Wolverines outgained the Buckeyes 209–91 in total yardage in the 2nd half. Michigan took the 2nd half kick-off and marched all the way to the OSU 30-yard line. The Buckeyes were able to hold on for a 10-10 tie.

When’s the last time Michigan beat Ohio State two years in a row

It’s been a long time since Michigan has been able to string together wins against Ohio State. The last time they did it was back in 2000 with Tom Brady at quarterback. Since then, Ohio State has won 17 out of 20 matchups. Michigan will have to work hard to turn the tide and start winning more games against their rivals.

It’s amazing that Ohio State was able to score 76 points against Miami (OH), considering they’ve actually scored 77 points in a game on two occasions over the last five years. This just goes to show how talented and explosive this team is. They have the potential to score a ton of points every time they step on the field.

Who has the most wins in college football history?

The University of Michigan has the most wins in college football with 989. Ohio State University is second with 953. University of Alabama is third with 953. University of Notre Dame is fourth with 938.

The Ohio State Buckeyes won a hard-fought victory against their longtime rivals, the Michigan Wolverines. The game was a back-and-forth affair, with each team scoring several times. In the end, the Buckeyes were able to come out on top, 42-39. This victory was a big moment for the team and their fans, as it brought them one step closer to their goal of winning the conference championship.

Who did Ohio State lose to in 2014

The Virginia Tech Hokies stunned the Ohio State Buckeyes in the second game of the season, winning 35-21. This was a big upset, as the Buckeyes were then ranked No. 1 in the country. Ohio State went on to win their next five games, including four against Big Ten opponents.

It was a great play by both Ohio State and Michigan players. Ohio State’s flanker Anthony Gonzalez made a great catch and was then upended by Michigan’s cornerback Grant Mason.Ohio State scored two plays later and won the game 25-21.


Ohio State beat Michigan in the 2017 college football season.

The game between Ohio State and Michigan is always a heated rivalry, but this year Ohio State came out on top. The memes that have been circulating around the internet perfectly capture the feeling of Buckeye Nation right now. We’re excited and proud of our team, but we also know that Michigan will be back next year and we’ll be ready to take them on again.