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Nordictrack rw900 rower review

Nordictrack rw900 rower review: The RW900 is the most powerful rowing unit to date on NordicTrack. Taking a page from Peloton’s book, the RW900 is designed to stream workouts via the company’s iFit application. While the streaming capabilities are the show’s star here, the RW900 also packs some impressive specs of performance.

Nordictrack rw900 rower review
Nordictrack rw900 rower review

This rower’s highlights include a 22′′ HD touchscreen monitor, a dual magnetic / air resistance system, and an incredibly generous warranty. If you’re interested in entering the connected rowing community, then the RW900 is a solid option. But it’s important to do your due diligence, with other comparable rowers on the market. And this is where the analysis comes in.

The NordicTrack brand needs no introduction-it ‘s one of the planet’s most recognizable home fitness names. Their RW900 is one of the 3 rowers they offer in their lineup at the moment- the other 2 being the less fancy RW500 and the less fancy RW200. In the console department, the biggest difference is noticed between the 3 rowers.

Nordictrack rw900 rower review
Nordictrack rw900 rower review

Neither of the other 2 machines has a wide touchscreen monitor, although the RW500 does have a 10′′ tablet that can be used to view iFit workouts. The RW200 has no streaming capabilities but it’s about $1000 cheaper than the rowing machine we’re here to talk about.


  • Single, magnetic / air resistor
  • 26 Magnetic-resistance rates
  • 10 Air-resistance levels (damper)
  • System pliers
  • Large, comfortable pedals with quick strap adjustment
  • 22 “HD Touch Screen
  • Configurable screen
  • 1 Year for iFit
  • Heart rate monitor compatible with chest strap
  • Hundreds of on-demand training sessions to choose from (iFit)
  • Scenic lineups
  • Four User Profiles
  • Huge warranty
  • Consensus
  • Weight capacity: 250 lb only
  • No blockbuster
  • Cardiac monitor not included

Our Evaluation

Much like stuff like the Peloton Bike and NordicTrack’s S22i indoor bike, so much attention is paid to the tech kit with plenty to sort out than the bells and whistles of the 21st century. The experience is great but what about the structure and the design? Often a rower can be loud, but the silent combination of magnetic resistance/air resistance makes the RW900 workout quiet and smooth.

Nordictrack rw900 rower review
Nordictrack rw900 rower review

The range of degrees of resistance at 26 is wide enough to challenge even the most experienced rower. The explanation for this configuration goes back to tech; you can’t remotely control the air resistance (at least not in an efficient way), so this combination allows real-time resistance control while you’re following along with an immersive iFit workout.


Aside from minor gripes, the NordicTrack RW900 is a great option that better adds a layer of tech to your rowing workout than any other current market offer.

Nordictrack rw900 rower review
nordictrack rw900 rower review

Sure, there are some tech entrepreneurs wading their way into this space the same way we see accessible indoor cycles going after the likes of Peloton, but for now, we will advise sticking to the fitness space with a trusted team. It’s a more expensive touch than the industry-standard Concept2 rower, but the added interactive training element easily justifies the extra spending here.