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nintendo eshop error code 2813

nintendo eshop error code 2813. Invalid Response (2813-0998)

nintendo eshop error code 2813
nintendo eshop error code 2813

If you’re getting the error code 2813-0998 when trying to access Nintendo eShop on a Nintendo Switch, the advice in this article should help.

More Details:

An unavailability of a Nintendo eShop in the region associated with your Nintendo Account. To find out if the Nintendo eShop and Theme Shop are available in your area, click here.

Next Steps:

First, make sure you’re in the right country/region by logging into your Nintendo Account at

After changing your Nintendo Account’s country/region settings to one that has access to the Nintendo eShop, you’ll need to restart your console.

3. Turn the system back on, and the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch should be accessible from the HOME Menu. The password for your Nintendo Account may have changed, and you will need to enter it again.

Carry out these procedures

If you haven’t already done so, please log in to your Nintendo Account at and update your country.

After changing your Nintendo Account’s country to one where the Nintendo eShop is available, you’ll need to restart your console.

Once you’ve restarted your Nintendo Switch, head to the HOME Menu to access the eShop. Your Nintendo Account may require you to log in again.

This is still not a resolved situation.

Continue making purchases without saving the credit card info, and then try using saved credit card info again at a later time if the problem only occurs with saved information.

However, if the problem still occurs when you don’t use your saved credit card information, it may be a credit card issue. If you need more information, contact the financial institution or card issuer that originally issued your credit card.

Changing out your card might work. Additionally, you may want to think about using an alternative payment method:

You can top off your Nintendo eShop balance with PayPal or Nintendo eShop Cards.

Nintendo Account holders in the United States, Canada, and Mexico must be 18 or older to use the PayPal payment option.

You can load money onto your Nintendo eShop account by purchasing a digital gift card at a Nintendo store in Mexico or Brazil using an alternative payment method (OXXO in Mexico or PIX and Boleto Bancrio in Brazil).

nintendo eshop error code 2813
nintendo eshop error code 2813