Skip to content reviews reviews. Collecting my hairclip order I first saw it posted on Facebook on November 5th, and as of today, November 23rd, I still have not received it. The tracking numbers they provide are a scam that will waste your time and tell you nothing useful about the status of your shipment. Mostly because I didn’t realize it shipped from China and therefore made a hasty purchase. Sent them several emails, and that’s just funny. Absurd apologies. Those who would buy should be warned. NON-ORDERING from this vendor is strongly advised. reviews reviews

Also from this vendor, I bought three clips with braided crystal stones for my hair. Shipping details for my recent order arrived in an email from shipping@24service. They proved that the product I ordered was delivered and sitting in my mailbox. The opposite was true. After verifying the transaction at the post office, I went through PayPal to file a dispute. On PayPal’s site, I saw a different tracking number.

This tracking information was taken to the post office by me. It’s hard to keep tabs on because the post office told me the tracking number was given out to several different people. The people they showed a tracking number for didn’t know anyone who lived at my address. They were expecting a scam because they had seen similar situations before. As for how PayPal will evaluate this claim, I can only speculate. The tracking information shows that my item was delivered to my mailbox, was returned to the sender, and was then delivered back to my mailbox. Aside from being in my possession, it is dispersed everywhere. They clearly made a mistake when they gave me this tracking number.

Complete con artists! I placed an order and used PayPal to pay for it. They provided an invoice with an authorized total. Not long after placing my order, I checked my PayPal account and saw that they had charged me an extra 25% under the guise of tax. My state has a 10% tax rate. After my immediate cancellation, they confirmed that they would also cancel the order if it had not yet been shipped. It was Sunday morning, 10 o’clock! Two weeks later, the packages finally started arriving! Stay far away from this dishonest business! reviews reviews