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nfl network error code 403 forbidden roku

A few weeks ago, I noticed that all four of my Roku devices were giving me the 403 forbidden message whenever I tried to watch anything on NFL Network. However, I can only access NFL+ through the app and not the NFL Network. Both sites load perfectly on my iOS devices. Nothing I do seems to work. Can you believe this nonsense?

You should contact channel support to report the issue and request additional support if removing the channel and adding it back after restarting the device does not resolve the channel problem. Since many Roku channels are created and maintained by the channel provider itself, they will be the ones to provide the most useful information.

If you’re only having trouble with this one channel and not others, it’s probably a problem with that channel itself. The channel provider must then conduct an investigation into the matter at hand in order to offer useful assistance in fixing it.

A step-by-step guide to diagnosing and fixing playback problems

In the following sections, you’ll find several different solutions to a playback problem and how to determine its cause. Please follow these steps if you have been told to reboot your router* or Roku device.

It may be time to reboot your router.

In order to properly restart your router, it is recommended that you consult the documentation provided by your ISP or the company that manufactured your router. If your router isn’t working, try unplugging it and plugging it back in; if that doesn’t work, try pressing the reset button. Check out your Internet service provider’s or router manufacturer’s website or give them a call if you need assistance.