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mistplay reviews

mistplay reviews. Mistplay is a legitimate app that provides users with the opportunity to gain access to new mobile games at no cost. To get paid for your time playing games, however, the Mistplay app must be used for each launch. Having this app is more of a hobby than a means to financial security, so keep that in mind.

mistplay reviews
mistplay reviews

This Reddit thread about Mistplay has the most helpful information I’ve found so far about the app’s potential earnings and general usability.

The key takeaway is that your Mistplay MixList should contain as many games as possible. This user claims that they made $80 after spending 94 hours playing 17 games.

But, he says, a lot of that free time at work was actually just sitting around doing nothing. In addition, earnings rise when one prioritizes games that offer greater Unit rewards and progresses to the point where they can no longer gain levels.

Other users have pointed out, and rightly so, that the payout is still extremely low. If you spend a great deal of time playing games, you should either cash out quickly or think of it as a fun passive side hustle.

The goal of Mistplay is to amass a large user base and a wealth of data. There is nothing special about this compared to other loyalty programs.

See how Mistplay promotes the usefulness of their platforms to prospective sponsors. To increase user engagement and retention, they enable game developers to specifically target users based on demographic information and previously installed games.

Really, it is out of this world. Mistplay claims to serve over +100 million monthly impressions across the globe.

There are similar apps to Mistplay, and many others that followed a similar business model but failed. Mistplay is unlike any other mobile gaming loyalty program I’ve seen. AppLike comes to mind as a former competitor.

AppLike was one such app that offered users incentives for rating it highly. Nearly no thought was given to advertisers, and the volume of fraud emanating from phone farms and other inactive devices pretending to play was astounding.

Instead, Mistplay prioritizes honesty and the safety of their advertisers. Due to this, I think it’s more likely that Mistplay will remain the dominant mobile gaming rewards app for the foreseeable future. However, there is a catch: income is guaranteed to be less.

mistplay reviews
mistplay reviews