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Mentorbox review

Mentorbox review

Mentorbox review

MentorBox may be a monthly subscription product to spread knowledge and knowledge during a quicker, more efficient way than reading the entire book.It helps you turbocharge your learning by supplying you with book summaries straight from the author.The idea is appealing. You hear from the authors and you go straight to the foremost important facts.

MentorBox may be a partnership between Alex Mehr and Tai Lopez. I don’t have a high opinion of Tai Lopez as you’ll see from my review of Tai Lopez manipulation techniques.

There are two subscription plans that you simply can check in to with Mentorbox, a digital or a physical box.The digital subscription is that the $7 option and includes the following:

Access to the web learning platform where you’ll search a heap of books and skim their key lesson
Over 500 hours of video lessons
Audio recorded summaries of the many many books
Workbooks you’ll download

Cheatsheets to assist with memory
other relevant study materials
Private Mentorbox mastermind group (a Facebook group)
The physical subscription may be a lot costlier (see below)

In the physical box, you get tons of physical copies of all the study resources along side physical copies of the books.

MentorBox isn’t a full-on scam.
Not the merchandise in itself, at least.

However, there are countless of complaints online about overcharges and refusing to form good on the refund policy.
Note: I personally had no problems canceling, so my experience was positive thereon front.

And not all the courses that you simply get you’ll actually access which, to me, felt like MentorBox isn’t just a product you purchase , but a teaser and conduit to sell you more and more (more thereon later).

Mentorbox Pros:

Allows people to “read” a few of books during a month
Allows people to see out books they wouldn’t have otherwise picked up themselves
The mentorship aspect comes from field experts, which isn’t cheap if you were to rent them face to face
The books chosen by MentorBox are mostly read by men.

With the web membership, you’ll take your MentorBox anywhere
The supplementary materials allow you to recollect essential items within the books


The price can add up
Getting the book could also be more worthwhile
Refunding process reported to be slow (or might not even be processed)
Upsells are expensive and their business model is to upsell the maximum amount as possible

Sales page may be a bit too salesy and promises an excessive amount of
Lots of complaints online (Check our comments section)

It feels scammy the entire MentorBox, as it has been packed …
MentorBox deploys the foremost aggressive, annoying and sneaky sales techniques I even have ever seen anywhere.

Looking round the web most reviews are highly negative.

Glassdoor, which collects reviews from people performing at different companies, has two reviews on MentorBox.
And they’re both very negative.

They describe toxic cultures, incompetent management, unfair practices towards the purchasers, and attention on selling instead of delivering value.

Mentorbox review
Mentorbox review